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Acer For multi-line operations to meet Apple and HP

Recently, the Acer Tablet PC squeezed into crowded market, hoping to fill the notebook computers and smart phones between the vacancies. However, the Tablet PC may impact on its traditional PC business

55-year-old Italian Gianfranco Lanci never so close to their dreams. This time, he tried to win by virtue of the hottest PC Tablet PC industry leader in the world.

Recently, the world's second largest PC maker Acer in time for Thanksgiving in New York on the eve of breath announced three tablet computers. Among them, equipped with Microsoft's Tablet PC operating system will be the first to market in February next year, based on Google Android system models will be listed next April. Acer is the second Apple, Dell, RIM, and Samsung Electronics after the launch of the Tablet PC has a cross-brand manufacturers.

Acer side said, now working with the U.S. carriers to connect their 3G Tablet PC consultations, the company did not disclose details of the price of Tablet PC. Acer president and CEO Gianfranco Lanci said the price of its Tablet PC range between 299-599 U.S. dollars, specifically from the configuration, screen size and connectivity decisions. Currently, Apple iPad priced at 499-829 U.S. dollars.

Samaranch claimed that the development of Acer tablet PC is the "natural evolution" part of the process, the Tablet PC market just getting started, Acer is now too late to join. He threatened to break Apple Acer dominate position, grabbed the next goal is 10-15% global market share.

It seems in the industry, Acer has a more practical sense this. Two years ago, Samaranch put words in Shanghai will surpass 2011 to become PC industry leader Hewlett-Packard. Branch prediction does not seem outrageous. Earlier this year, Acer rely on cheap access to the Internet and HP in this shortened the gap between.

However, the HP is not easy to topple. Royal Bank of Scotland analysts believe that Acer has good thread very radical speech, "in addition to price, the Acer is hard to say what the product or the performance of different local and over iPad."

Apple iPad

In recent years, Acer has been avoided in the U.S. market release of new products, and this time it was the headquarters of direct selection in the Apple press conference held to challenge the meaning obvious. Bloomberg news agency quoted head of telecommunications research Nielsen as saying that the Acer increase its visibility in the North American market provided an opportunity.

Apple started selling from April Tablet PC iPad, the overwhelming market leader. Research Strategy Analytics data show iPad third quarter market share was 95%. The industry believes that Apple will not easily give up this position in the market, next spring, the first tablet PC shipments, Acer, Apple iPad will accelerate the introduction of next-generation products.

However, the Tablet PC is still a huge potential market. Market research firm Gartner predicts that notebooks next year, only 23% growth rate, tablet PCs will be significantly increased 181% to 54.8 million units. Xu Liang who also believes that, in view of Acer's strength in the scale industry, and if they can do in this field as in the Internet to produce low-cost models, the company may be successful.

Acer tried to introduce different models of Tablet PC products are regarded as outsiders in order to avoid market risks. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has said, RIM, Samsung Electronics launched the Tablet PC will eventually face the fate of being eliminated, "because they are too small screen, difficult and iPad competition."

Branch believes that Apple included in other markets, including emerging countries may not be such a big competitive advantage, this is Acer's development provides a good market opportunity. He said that Acer will use its PC business, size and retail channels ahead of any rivals, including Samsung Electronics, Asia's competitors.

Taiwan's "Business Week," the author said, in order to early introduction of tablet PCs, smart phones inside Acer virtually the entire team, and including smart phones, laptop computers and the Internet team, Acer, there are at least three men into the Tablet PC development.

In view of the biggest success iPad not industrial design, but the stores around the application developer ecosystem, at this time to enter the Tablet PC market, Acer will also create a similar application development platform. Reportedly, the platform on December 20 in the UK, Italy, on-line operations, while other markets are expected to be launched second quarter of next year. Acer chairman JT Wang said confidently, "We must better than others."

Capital market outlook optimistic about Acer's performance, Morgan Stanley reports that Acer will remain "outperform" rating. The agency believes that, just as the market worried about Apple may snatch the occasion of the notebook market, Acer's efforts to find a new way, which the company's future development is positive.

However, as more companies introduce new equipment, Tablet PC market is also becoming increasingly hot. November 22, Dell announced a new Microsoft-based Tablet PC operating system. NPD analyst Ross Rubin said, every enterprise wants to release the new tablet PCs, to participate in market competition.

Coveted "Big Brother" position

Recently, the Branch in an interview with foreign media, said that if the mobile device market continues to grow, the company is expected to replace next year, Hewlett-Packard, the world's largest manufacturer of mobile computers. According to data provided by Morgan Stanley, Acer notebook shipments this year, only 200 million units of Hewlett-Packard about the gap. JT Wang's described as this, they have this year is the first 1.5 of the.

However, with Apple iPad further expand sales in emerging markets, the industry will be worried about the impact of PC industry, some research institutions are also expected for the first time in the history of the industry will face a recession, even rumored to be dying to say PC. Citigroup analyst Richard Gardner said in a report recently, due to encroachment of Tablet PC 2011, PC sales growth would be expected before 12% to 9%. The agency estimates that by 2012 more tablet PC market will be eroded.

In this regard, JT Wang stressed that the first quarter of this year's Christmas and next year should the situation of the company are still good, and in mainland China and other emerging markets, driven by continued growth next year, all will remain the next few years as the growth rate of the two. He said, iPad fad phenomenon only market, buyers will soon be sensible to return to PC market.

PC industry barometer - chip shipments JT Wang, corroborated to some extent the point of view. IDC estimates, global PC chip sales and revenue in the third quarter than in the second quarter were 2.1% and 2.5%. Compared with the third quarter of 2009, an increase of 8.6%, respectively and 24.1%.

The media pointed out that since Samaranch took office, the Acer up almost every two years to improve rankings, it can continue to maintain this record, look at next year's Tablet PC shipments. Taiwan's "Business Week," said the internal Acer iPad next year has been estimated the impact of the Internet next year, Acer netbook shipments only Bacheng year, the current Internet Jinsan Cheng of its shipments.This means that, at least next year than this year, Acer sold more than 4.2 million laptops to the performance of this year with Hewlett-Packard tie.

However, Acer had submitted the information to the Taiwan Stock Exchange, the company's October non-consolidated revenue of NT was 37.406 billion yuan (about 1.22 billion), compared with 58.36 billion yuan in September's sharp drop in NT 35.9%.Acer regard, said the results reflect only the revenue trend in some areas, and stressed that the fourth quarter revenue growth of 5% -10% target unchanged.

In fact, HP is also worth noting the recent performance, which undoubtedly can be achieved beyond the Acer put a question mark. As of October 31 in the fourth quarter, thanks to its core PC business increased sales of the global market, and profit growth, expansion, HP quarter profit rose 5.2%, exceeding Wall Street analysts expected, HP also raised the next fiscal year earnings outlook.

However, market analysts pointed out, when the PC Acer entered the field of a time, almost no one will believe the laggards will be successful, and now it really has become one of the world's leading PC manufacturers.

Into the key China market

While Acer has always been ambitious, but its two major markets of the world's most important gains are limited.

IDC reports that Apple's third quarter sales of 200 million units, up 24.1%, replacing Acer to become the youngest U.S. market. In mainland China market, Acer has been flat water. Gartner data shows that in the third quarter, Acer's PC market share in China was 4% (including Laptop notebook market in the mainland accounted for 7%), revenue is higher than the company's total global revenue of 6%. China is the fastest growing PC market. With research institutions are expected this year, PC sales in China will grow 21%, higher than the global average of 14% increase.

Now, Acer hope that the cooperation deal with the Founder to change all that.Lanci said Acer Founder's market share in mainland China after the merger be in the range between 12% -13%. According to IDC data released third-quarter sales, Hewlett-Packard's market share in China last year from 16.6% to 9.2% this year, dropped out of the ranks of the top three brands, not only significantly behind Lenovo, Dell and Acer and is Acer Founder beyond. Acer Founder For many analysts the result of cooperation between the two optimistic. Ye Lei, an analyst at Gartner believes that to win market share, Acer has a good record, especially in gaining market share, it is also able to reduce costs and improve efficiency. He believes that the third quarter of 2011, this restructuring will see the results.

Over the past few years, Acer has been the acquisition of smaller PC makers are successful. 2007 acquisition of U.S. PC brands, Acer Gateway, the deal to help its more than Lenovo, and eventually more than Dell, the world's second-largest PC vendor. Over the past six months, with the Founder of the distribution and retail network, Acer has begun a major restructuring mainland business.

Some analysts believe the move will make the mainland market, Acer ranks among the leaders in the column. JP Morgan analyst Alvin Ke Woke to be realized as a reversal of Acer's strong stock. He predicted the next two years, Acer and Founder notebook market in mainland China share rose from 8.5% this year to 13.8% and 16.9%.

Samaranch also said that next year's business in mainland China (Acer income) the contribution rate will exceed 10%. However, victory over local rival Lenovo continent, Samaranch seemed to think this is an impossible task. Currently, the association occupies nearly thirty percent of the mainland market share. Samaranch said that we have never said to be the market leader in China, we want to be the second of the Chinese market, this is a more realistic goal.

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Healthcare IT Companies and Healthcare Reforms

Without much ado, technology companies try to adapt to change, usually more quickly than anyone else can think. In fact, after the change is proposed or enacted as a law, the initial news are about the implementation done by some big company or firm, and how others are following the suit.

Earlier this year, a very big change was proposed and enacted in the insurance industry. Healthcare reforms were implemented and brought tremendous amount of change in the healthcare sector. The main motive was to make sure that healthcare services are available to one and all within the range of affordable prices. Sure, a lot of entities had to face the brunt but the benefits of this change outweigh all the negativity that surrounds it.

Healthcare providers, health insurance companies, employers who provide healthcare benefits to their employees are some of the main entities that are affected positively or negatively by these reforms. At the same time, agents, brokers and smaller units facilitating the process of health insurance are also affected.

On the other hand, there are lots of opportunities and ideas that other firms can bank upon and create business. Software companies and service providing companies are vying hard to win customers--mostly on the B2B front of business.

Healthcare reforms poses real challenge and a test to the healthcare IT companies as whether they can adapt to the change within the given time-period or not. The methodology could be simple:

1. Companies should know what type of change is required

2. Companies should understand the change and ways to address it

3. Companies should implement ways to adapt to change

4. Companies should make sure the compliance to change is monitored and audited

It is not easy to adapt to change quickly but survival in the market demands swift action when a change is imposed on the business. Healthcare companies have been opposing the implementation of healthcare reforms, but there are many benefits that healthcare companies can accrue from these reforms.

It goes without saying that the short-term changes will have a negative impact on insurer profits. The requirements of the healthcare reforms demand that health insurance companies cannot sell policies with lifetime caps. At the same time, there will be reduction in government payments to Medicare Advantage plans.

The insurance costs are the main target that the healthcare reforms are trying to bring down. It is expected that if the insurance costs could decrease, more of the 23 million people who remain uninsured will be able to afford coverage. This would mean that the people will not buy health insurance only after they get sick.

The mandatory benefit package can cost more than the catastrophic plans, which will ensure that the insurance companies are not in loss. The healthcare reforms require that insurers provide a certain minimum level of benefits in the health insurance exchanges that individuals and small firms must use to buy coverage.

On the downside of these healthcare reforms, it is expected that the law will reduce about $200 billion in government payments to Medicare Advantage plans. Healthcare IT companies that are heavily involved in that market will have to bear the major brunt.

The challenge for healthcare IT companies is to analyze the situation and key areas where they need to change in order to make sure that their business does not suffer too much. Administrative costs need to be driven down in order to save on the profits, for, the premiums are going to slide down and reduce as the implementation goes in full-swing. With the creation of State insurance exchanges, the prices of health plans would become competitive. At the same time, technology compliance and implementation would require great amount of money to be spent.