Thursday, February 28, 2008

NEXT GENERATION Energy Alternatives NOW!

Imagine our "Big Blue Marble" as a perpetual motion machines with zero need for external energy sources. No doubt you have seen those little desktop thingys, small metallic sculptures for instance of a bicycle rider or such and you touch it gently one time on one side and it moves back and forth forever? How about if we were able to do the same thing with our cars or our dwellings? It might not be such a radical idea. I reference what Congressman Ron Paul tells detractors when they call his ideas radical. GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul affirms that restoring the gold standard, dismantling the Federal Reserve, those are honestly not the radical concepts. The radical notion is to allow politicians to perpetually to borrow money from a privately operated central bank (The Fed) on behalf of you and me and our kids and grandkids and that the Federal Reserve will continue to counterfeit money which has no actual value. As Congressman Ron Paul says, THAT is a radical idea! See? The reality that we have become accustomed to one way of doing things, which we can all concur is NOT the sanest system for doing things, does not then mean, that someone voicing a more equitable to get things done is espousing some kind of radical idea! And it is that way with electrical energy today. You don't need to do very much diggin to locate websites where you suddenly enter into a whole new realm of what some folks are actually doing with regards energy solutions. A primary focus of the attention in these circles is directed towards something I call perpetual energy. Well, that's what I decided to call it. But scientists have decided to call it parasitic energy! But that's not very kind nor accurate. A parasite is a creature that survives off of other living things while not contributing to those other entities. Well we all can think of people we know that are like that! But the best term for this energy solution would be a philosophical term, let's call it "contributism"! Something I do here in my home generates power to power Joe's Cafe down the street and what he is doing is helping to fire up my automobile engine. And so it goes, the electricity is free and we all live happily ever after. It would be like some far out Utopian idea that some kid might dream up except that it is really darn easy and not difficult to implement! The main obstacles that we need to overcome are the decadent objectives of the true parasites... the oil industry executives and automobilemanufacturing industry executives I have other articles on this subject that you can find at Water 4 Gas Blog and I plan to write more in the future. Some of this technology exists today... an MP3 player that is also a yo-yo, you chuck it 12 times and that powers it for a full hour! You know, that kind of stuff. Other examples are in some stage of development for running shoes, exercise machines, dance hall floors, backpacks (the jiggling motion creates electricity when you walk) and subway station terminal floors... all generating electrical charge from the motions that people naturally do. That adds up to a contributive perpetual machine, get it?

And some of the advancements will be up the road a bit and are even more exciting.

. It will be a whole new economic system which has been emancipated from the dependence upon fossil fuel!

As for today, about the most optimum solution out there for free and clean energy for your automobiles specifically is what you can find at my Water 4 Gas Blog

WATER4GAS is offering information at a low price which consumers can use at home to create a small gizmo which instills hydrogen into the fuel/air mixture that their car runs on. The process makes bite sized particles out of the ones that the system burns as fuel. Therefore the engine is able to use much more of it. With WATER4GAS you can minimumly expect to lower your fuel usage by 12%. But many are obtaining thirty to fifty percent improvement or significantly more. Those particles "musta" been pretty "blankin'" big in some engines before. But with WATER4GAS they are made consumable so you can lower your fuel usage. It also helps make emissions substantially cleaner. This information has been purchased by over NINE THOUSAND car owners already and the percentage of happy customers is about 99%! So that's a start!

Predictions for the future of mobile phones and mobile broadband

As we roll on through 2008, the mobile world is evolving fast. Very fast! So fast, in fact, that at times it's hard to keep up. What's 'in', what's the new thing we simply have to have? Well, let's have a look, and see what we can expect for 2008!

First of all, and this should be obvious, mobile phones are going to become more advanced. Much more advanced. What we think of as top-end camera phones now, for example, will gradually slip down the pecking order, until that spec of phone is classed as a budget feature. And as smartphones get smarter, 'dumb phones' (oh ok, let's be charitable and call thi 'feature phones'...) will inevitably follow suit, growing smarter, and gaining ever more features to set thi apart from the competition. Maybe it would be a good idea to look at some specific examples!

Camera Phones

At the moment the best cameras you can get on mobile phones are found on the absolute top-end of the market. Phones like the Nokia N82, the Sony Ericsson K850i and the upcoming Nokia N96 all have 5 megapixel cameras. Not only that, but they all have distinguishing features that set thi apart from other camera phones. The Nokias have Carl Zeiss lenses, while the Sony Ericsson has Cyber-Shot technology. In fact, the average camera phone nowadays is hovering around the 2 or 3 megapixel mark, compared to 2 years ago, when 2 megapixels was a top-end phone! Clearly, as we move forward, they're going to get even better. I won't be surprised if we see 7 and 8 megapixel camera phones in the latter half of 2008. It's one of those things that has a certain inevitability about it. You just know it will happen. And it will be cool!

Music Phones

Camera phones aren't the only ones evolving. Just look at music phones, too, most noticeably the upcoming Sony Ericsson W980i (part of its Walkman series) and, yes, the Apple iPhone. The Sony Ericsson features the latest Walkman player, with such advanced features as shake controls (simply shake the phone to change tracks!) and SensMe. That second one is particularly impressive, because you tell the phone what mood you're in, and it automatically works out what music will fit that mood, almost like its reading your mind! And no matter what your opinion of the iPhone (personally, I don't like it), it does have an exceptionally cool version of iTunes built in. The future of music phones is hard to predict, but given that all the really big developments in music phones have come in less than 2 years, the future's sure to be mind-blowing!

GPS Phones

One feature that's not been seen on mobile phones much up until now, but that will make a massive splash in 2008, is GPS. We're already seeing more phones being announced with it built in (the Nokia N96, Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia and Samsung G810 spring to mind) and that number is only going to increase, allowing people to get full navigation on their mobile phone. But it also opens up a cool feature called 'geotagging'. Basically, if you see something cool (like some monument... insert your own example, here!), whip your phone out, take a photo of it, then tag that photo with location info. And then, send that photo on to a friend. They won't just be able to see the pic, they'll be able to find the same monument (or whatever you inserted as your example)!

Super-Duper-Smart Phones

Ok, I confess, I made that name up, but I'm making a point. Smartphones of today will be nothing compared to the smartphones of the future. You want examples? Well, take the Sony Ericsson P1i, available now. Stunning phone, 3G data speeds at 384 kbps, 3 megapixel camera, QWERTY keyboard. Very, VERY nice phone. Now consider the Sony Ericsson X1 Xperia, a recently announced smartphone that while not a direct replacient for the P1i, outclasses it in every single imaginable way! So, it has a megapixel camera, full Windows Mobile interface, huge QWERTY keyboard and built in GPS. Oh, and it can connect to the net at up to 3.6Mbps, nearly 10 times faster than the P1i. Smartphones of the future are simply going to boggle our minds!

Mobile Broadband

This is the big one... This is the single thing that is going to most revolutionise the world in 2008. I've spoken about mobile phones, but mobile broadband s something else entirely. Basically, imagine the internet on your laptop. But not through WiFi. No, it's using a fully mobile signal, connecting to a cell tower, just like mobile phones do. So, it really is the internet ANYWHERE, and because it is true broadband, not some pale imitation, you'll get speeds, at present, of up to 7.2Mbps. And that's now, only a couple of months into the evolution of mobile broadband. When contiplating how fast it will become, well, there's no way to tell, but one thing's for sure. Mobile broadband is the future. And it is going to change the world!

Important Differences between Nokia N95 8GB and Apple iPhone

From their inception, each mobile manufacturing company has launched the products that are full of splendid technologies, innovations, and designs. These companies are moving their steps towards new qualities and skills so that they can achieve the excellence in the mobile market. Currently there are more than hundred mobile manufacturing companies worldwide. Moreover, there are many other companies that are entering in this industry with their amazing products range. All these companies are trying to attract more and more customers towards them and their astounding products.

The major companies like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, LG, Apple etc have presented various mobile devices to enchant this world. However, sometimes back, the mobile major Nokia and Apple had rocked this world by launching serious superb mobile devices in the markets. These devices are named as Nokia N95 8GB and Apple iPhone. Both of these handsets are attractively designed and conceived, but still there are many differences between these two mobile devices. If Nokia N95 is a machine of intelligence and power then the Apple iPhone delivers intelligence with great beauty.

The Nokia N95 8GB is a 3G ready Quad-Band GSM mobile phone that supports the features like Email, Instant Messaging, and Internet Browsing. It offers great photo and video shooting options with its integrated 5.0 megapixels camera with Carl Zeiss Optics. The device is equipped with features like Dual Slide Design, GPS, Installed map application that covers over 100 countries, Stereo FM Radio, Organiser, Office Document Viewer, Music Player, Video Player, Voice Dial, Voice Memo, Built-in Handsfree and many more. However, the most advanced feature of this handset is its enormously sized internal memory of 8GB. This gadget runs with the help of Symbian 9.2 OS, 64MB of RAM and a standard Li-Ion Battery that gives the talk-time of up to 6 hours and a stand-by time of up to 280 hours. If you are looking for a great piece of innovation and technology then this Black coloured phone is really made for you.

Whereas, the Apple iPhone is a beauty piece that is technically very sound. This gadget holds various effective features such as Multi-touch Input Method, Emailing, Internet Browsing with the help of Safari Web Browser, 2 megapixels Camera for great Videos and Photos, integrated iPod, Google Maps, PIM (including Calendar), To-Do List, TV Output, Photo Browser & Editor, Voice Memo, Integrated Handsfree and lots more. The main features of this device are that it has multiple options for the internal memory. It supports the internal memory of 4GB, 8GB, and 16GB. Beside this you also get the perfection and beauty of MAC OS, Accelerometer, and Proximity Sensor. Moreover, if you are looking for a mobile phone that is full of wisdom and beauty then this black coloured device is really the best option for you.

Apple iPod Classic 80GB Black - Enjoy every moment

As is evident from the name, the Apple iPod Classic is one of the most "in-demand" iPods from the company that comes with around 80 GB of storage space. This ensures that there is more than enough room in this Apple iPod to store a comprehensive collection of music and video clips. But, first something about the looks of this high-end gadget.

The Apple iPod classic sports a slick and sophisticated look that goes well with its high-end features. The design of this iPod is an all metal one and the finish is impeccable. An enigmatic black color adds to the gadget's overall visual appeal.

The interface is intuitive; and potential users can make the most of Cover flow feature to move between songs and play lists. With up to 40 hours of audio playback, the Apple iPod Classic can be your ideal partner when you are moving from one place to another or are generally feeling blue.

The Cover flow feature allows the phone user to select a music of his choice with the utmost ease. A click wheel is used to browse through the music and arrive at one that the user was contemplating on. This wheel can also be used to move between songs or increase/decrease the volume of the songs and chart busters. In addition, musically inclined people can enjoy the experience of mixing their music through a special Shuffle option that is present in the iPod for this very purpose.

Apart from music, owners of the Apple iPod Classic can enjoy their favorite videos, movies and photos with as much ease. It is possible to rent movies from the iTunes Store and enjoy them at leisure. A 2.5 inches color display makes this experience all the more entertaining. Moreover, the Apple iPod classic can also be used to view photos and video clips.

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Realtor Using Bluetooth To Announce An Open House To Customers Cell Phone

Competition in real estate brokerage became tough recently. Despite that fact, more people study and become brokers because of its significant revenue potential. A lot of things have changed since it started, educational and licensing requirements, basis for compensation and technological influences. The growth of Internet made the international market accessible to millions of real estate buyers. Electronic lockboxes makes house shows easy, manageable and secure. That said, lets see how you as a realtor can increase your sales potential by another technological advancement - the Bluetooth Marketing Software.

The main usage of the software is to broadcast content, making use of one very important fact - that most people have mobile devices. Bluetooth is radio-type technology, thus you can broadcast content anytime and repeatedly simply because its FREE. Definitely a cost-saver compared to traditional advertising campaigns - print ads and TV commercials. One key feature of bluetooth marketing that would surely appeal both customers and even passerby is allowing the customer to opt in and opt out of the service at any time. If the user agrees by pressing 'Yes' on their phone, the content is sent immediately. If the user declines, the server remembers this and won't ask the same user again in the future.

There are many ways to use the system but for this article, lets say you are planning to have an open house. Set up the 300-meter broadcaster at the front door or at the gate and broadcast invitation to neighbors and passerby. You can customize your content to suit the different personalities of potential buyers. From simple texts or pictures to eye-candy graphics and cool sound bites. You can even broadcast a small video clip about the house itself. And because these content is saved on their mobile devices, even if they don't go and see the house, they can show it to their family and friends. Now that's free advertising.

You can also set-up the broadcaster on busy intersection and send driving or Google map directions to the open house. This is especially useful if there are lots of other houses for sale in the area. You can also broadcast your business card (vCard) so buyers can add you to their phone book. You can also gain buyers by broadcasting a short survey asking people on their housing preferences. That way, if you come across a new house to sell, you already have a short list of buyers handy.

Increase credibility to current and potential buyers by broadcasting other important information such as future open house schedules, payment schemes and even short directory assistance that would help them in their decision to buy a house.

You can maximize income potential by also broadcasting information on other houses that you are selling. Or perhaps, charge fees for allowing other realtors to broadcast their info. The possibility is limitless and the system requirement is very simple.

What you need

You will need the Bluetooth Marketing Software and a 300-meter broadcaster unit with dongles. Click here or contact us to get started today.


Jeffery William Long Prime Opportunities Inc.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Apple iPod nano Third Gen Silver 4 GB, MA978LL-A Digital Media Player Features and Information

Apple has an uncanny ability to keep on making great products. Every time you think it's impossible to make improvements to their iPod music players, along comes another revamp that raises the bar yet again.And with the design and desirability of the latest batch, it has excelled itself once again, especially with the new nano.
Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past week or so, you'll know roughly what it looks like. In order to accommodate the bigger screen, it's both shorter and wider than the previous nano - 52 x 70 x 6.5mm (WxHxD) to be precise.

The newly revamped iPod nano is surprisingly different from its 1st rev ancestor in that it is much more scratch resistant.

The anodized (which means 'coated with a protective oxide layer') aluminum body is tough - much like the iPod mini - and does not show hairline scratches like the plastic/resin and mirror-like metal of the original nano. Of course, any metal can be scratched if enough force is applied or if the scratching object is sharp enough, but in terms of "normal use", the new nano is far, far tougher than its predecessor. It also looks like the screen on the new nano is made of a different, more durable material. Well done, Apple!

Apple has also overhauled the Nano's user interface. The most notable improvement is the addition of the split-screen menu feature, which lists menu items on the left, along with a visual preview of the menu selection on the right half of the display. (If you select "Music" from the top-level menu, for example, floating, rotating album covers from your music collection appear to the right of the menu list.) It's a nice touch that makes good use of the white space to the right of the menu text and takes advantage of the Nano's wide display. Apple also added Cover Flowâ€"the ability to "flip through" your library by album cover. While browsing with Cover Flow is a bit slow, it's a nice option to have, even though the feature is more fun to use on a device with a touch interface, such as the iPhone or the iPod Touch.

On the UI front, Apple added a plethora of new functions that look amazing, thanks to the wonderfully bright display. One such feature is the added video capability. It can play H.264 or MPEG4 in either MOV, MP4 or M4V formats. Although we didn't expect it to blow us away with its quality, we were surprised yet again. The video quality is amazing, and if the only video device you own is the iPod Nano, you could possibly survive with full scale movie watching on a 2-inch display. But hey, don't get too excited and think about replacing your dedicated portable video players or notebook computers in lieu of the Nano. It's excellent, but it's not a replacement for a dedicated video device. If for nothing else, then think about your eyes and the migraines you will get after hours of squinting on a tiny display. Also, the device is smart enough to skip the unnecessary DVD chapters and start right off with the video, and it also remembers to start the movie at the point you stopped it the last time. How nice is that!


Storage Capacity : 4.0 GB Number of Songs : 1000.0 Family Line : iPod nano Video Format : MPEG-4, H.264 Video Bit-Rate : 2500.0 kbps Max Video Resolution : 640 x 480 Audio Format : MP3, WAV, AAC, MP3 VBR, AIFF, Audible MP3 Bit-Rate : 16 kbps - 320 kbps Frequency Respone : 20 Hz - 20, 000 Hz On Screen Display : ID3 Tag Info, Battery Level, USB Connection, Screen Size : 2.0 inch Additional Features : Personal Address Book, Games, Sleep Timer, Interface : USB 2.0 Outputs : Headphone Jack Power Source : Rechargeable via USB cable, Internal Battery Battery Type : Rechargeable Lithium Battery Battery Life : 24.0 hrs. Width : 2.06 in. Height : 2.75 in. Weight : 1.74 oz.

Iphone Capabilities and Digital Media Demands - Resolutions

With higher video resolutions comes a higher demand for storage space, so the 8GB Iphone may fall short as far as the amount of MP3s and videos you can store on it, this depends on the user of course. At 128kbps the average MP3 size would be of around 3.5 Megabytes, dividing the 8GB (1GB = 1024 MB) we have that the phone can roughly hold 2000 songs, this number will vary as the bit rate used to encode the songs changes, the most popular choices for MP3 encoding are 96, 128, 160, 192 and 256 kbps.

The average video size which is compressed to fit on a CD is roughly 700MB this size depends on the length of the movie and the audio/video quality which needs to be kept, the Iphone can handle resolutions of up to 640X480 in H.264 or MP4 formats meaning that you can roughly transfer 8 movies to the phone and have space for 500 songs. Another resolution supported by the Iphone is 480X320 which you can use depending on the video.

If you encode the video yourself using popular encoding applications such as Virtualdub you might want to make sure not to use any type of special video filter to improve the video quality so choosing a bicubic encoding mode will be more than enough, if you choose to add other features during the encoding process such as multiple-pass with external .SRT subtitles the video might playback but the subtitles won't since they need to be hard coded in the video in order to become visible.

Encoding video at higher resolutions would be a waste of time and processing power since the device can't handle higher resolutions, in many cases when the file is of higher resolution than the one the player can handle the file won't play back or it will simply be rejected by the device during transfer because it exceeds its capabilities.

Depending on the amount of digital media you are planning to carry around you might consider researching other alternatives, however if you don't plan on watching many movies on it the multimedia capabilities of this device will suffice.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Internet Communications - VOIP phones

Nowadays VOIP phones are put into use to make calls on the internet. It is very convenient to use these phones and to make use of the system at the various offices. As it is very convenient it also offers some exceptional elements like call identification, call divert, and the contact books. Different types of communication methods and protocols are put into use by these phones for making calls with the help of internet. VOIP transforms the usual talking in the audio signals and then gets altered into the digital data.

With the help of VOIP phones you can make calls to anybody and anywhere in the whole world. It also does not cost too much. The VOIP service providers are always in touch with their users and try to eradicate all the problems (if any). They make sure that while talking the connection does not break out and about the sound quality. The data and the tone are traveled simultaneously with the VOIP phones. You can also make free calls.

With the advancement there are so many VOIP phones which make the phone call very easy. The added advantage is that they are equipped with some of the latest technology, clarity in the sound while talking, and can talk for long hours without facing any disturbance. There are so many famous companies and to name a few are- Philips and BT. There is a tough competition between the various service providers. The services are mainly put into use by the corporate houses.

These phones offer you to store so many contacts and numbers. Now you have the power to identify every call that you receive and you can make your mind whether to attend the call or not to. Packet8 offers call center software at an affordable price. You can also transfer your call to any other number just in case you are not at your home with the feature of ‘call divert’. With the ‘call waiting’ service now you cannot miss out your important phone calls if you are having a talk on the phone. With the help of teleconferencing the students are also benefited as they can now contact the universities/colleges in different parts of the world. Teleconferencing helps the students to stay in touch and discussing about the different educational curriculums.

If we say that the VOIP make use of the best processes for the distant communication then it is not wrong in any sense. The internet is put into use for the transmission of the voice signals through out the world. With some of the latest features it has created a revolution in the communication industry. The main business set ups are earning big with this technology and making there presence felt across the world. The users are also largely benefited as they get to make calls at cheaper rates sitting at any part of the world.

The VOIP communication services are entirely dependant on the speed of the internet. The installation services are very cheaper as compared to the standard phones. Always prefer for the VOIP phones those are providing the services like- voice mail, live chats, and email. If you are looking for economical VOIP communication system then prior to purchasing make sure that check with other service providers. There are so many people who have copied VOIP and are giving away various services to attract the users. These service providers offer services like- three way calling, call conferencing, and other services. They also offer these services at competitive prices.

We can conclude that with the help of VOIP solutions it has really helped in considerable savings for the big business houses. The thing has to be noted that prior to making a final decision you should compare the prices with the other service providers.