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11 Facts About Dead Space Series That’s You Should Know

Dead Space 2 was finally released by Electronic Arts and Visceral Studios some time ago. Although the newly released, but the game has managed to bring "terror" is quite terrifying for some gamers.
But in fact, besides being a very exciting game as well "frightening", this series it also has some facts that may not have much we know. Therefore, we tried some pretty interesting facts to note from this game.
"Fake Brands"
this takes place in a space station called "sprawl", which is inhabited by mankind. It is therefore not surprising that the place was also equipped with a variety of human needs. The developer himself has submitted more than 20 "products" made in what we can see throughout the game. Starting from the "Lightspeed Hard Bar", a snack at this time, "Lemon Gun", which is a soft drink, until "Levitations", which is the product of bed.
Isaac's Helmet
One of which was characteristic of the Dead Space series is the armor of the game, especially the face shield of Isaac Clarke. And in this second series the developers to give a little change in the helmet. Helmets that protect the head of Isaac is now composed of 40 different pieces, and if cared for, we can see the 2 small pieces shaped hands, which served to open or close the helmet.
Originally made for the Xbox
Dead Space first released in 2008. But the game's development was already done since 2005, and actually developed for the first generation xbox (not 360). Steve Papoutsis, Evecutive Producer of this game say, Dead Space was developed during the transition period the Xbox to the Xbox 360 in 2005. Even the game's demo was originally released on the Xbox, and it looks promising, eventually continue the development and release it on Xbox 360 (and PC and PS3).
A Goat?
Dead Space 2 In this, we will often showing flashes of the nightmares of Isaac. And among these flashes, we will be able to see a goat! This beast was specifically purchased by the developer to take pictures and present a more gripping horror nuasa for gamers.
Alien Alphabet
On several occasions in this game, we will be able to see the strange writings, which in this game described as the writings of the Alien. Maybe some of us consider these writings mean nothing, but in fact these writings to be translated. GamesRadar site managed to translate some text for gamers.
About Multiplayer
One of the biggest changes in Dead Space 2 is the inclusion of multiplayer elements into this game, a feature not present in previous series. But it turns out, this feature is planned to be included since Dead Space 1 was developed for the Xbox earlier.Steve said that while they had planned to make an entry, but it turns out that when these features it is still less than perfect.
Inspired by "Sunshine"
The developer admitted that Dead Space is a lot of influence from a movie called Sunshine which was released in 2007. Steve Papoutsis also leaking, that some parts and scenes that exist in Dead Space is very similar to the film. As Hydroponics area is in Ishimura, very similar to the existing park in the movie Sunshine.
Animal Sound
In addition to buying a goat for Dead Space 2, the developer also uses a variety of the animals in this game. They admit that they use animals such as horses to elephants sound, to be included in the sountrack of the game. This they do to add the sound "horrible" in Dead Space 2.
Random Points
The one that makes Dead Space 2 was more horrible than the previous series is the appearance of the random enemies. When we die, and repeat the same stage, then we can not expect that the enemy was going to come from the same place. It's really a game that is not suitable for gamers weak heart!
It wasn't violent Enough
Anyone who has played Dead Space might agree, that in addition terrible, this game also contains some scenes are quite brutal. Like when we see the parts of an enemy that was cut off, or when we have to step on the body of the enemy to obtain items.But it turns out Glen Schofield, Executive Producer of this game other than to say that the violence that exists in Dead Space yet as they had hoped.
Isaac Clarke
Name the main character in Dead Space is actually a series of names of two authors penggambungan themed novel "science fiction", that Isaac Asimov (author of the novel I, Robot) and Arthur C. Clarcke (author of the novel 2001: Space Odessey)

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