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GPS technology specialists, 2008

Worldscout Corporation has acquired Toronto-based Alltigo Inc., a leading developer of micro-electronic GPS/GSM devices and embedded software applications. The acquisition results in Alltigo's engineering team (GPS technology specialists, software developers and programmers) joining Worldscout's R&D team. In addition, Alltigo's patent pending, real time Personal Location Tracking Device which combines AA-GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies to locate, track and protect, people, vehicles and other mobile assets remotely, via the Internet, will be used to broaden the omniscout product line. "This acquisition will help move us into brand new markets," said Robert Metz, president of Worldscout Corporation. These systems allow users to track and monitor the movement of either one vehicle or hundreds -- simultaneously, intelligently and in real time. This gives users "piece of mind" knowing they can locate their vehicles at any time through an easy-to-use Internet "dashboard." . "The potential is incredible because we now have a mainstream product which extends the capabilities of vehicle tracking and monitoring. We now have a small hand held unit which gives us the ability to track, in real time, any person, vehicle or asset remotely, via the Internet. From a consumer technology perspective this is unprecedented." The technology can locate GPS satellites and lock onto their signal more efficiently than other systems. It uses a wireless cellular modem to communicate its location and receive commands over a GSM/GPRS mobile phone network, via TCP/IP (Internet Protocol), or SMS text message (Short Message Service). In addition, Alltigo's patent pending, real time Personal Location Tracking Device which combines AA-GPS and GSM/GPRS technologies to locate, track and protect, people, vehicles and other mobile assets remotely, via the Internet, will be used to broaden the omniscout product line. The device has reported position accuracy within a few meters. Weighing just one ounce and measuring 90 x 48 x 20mm (3.5 x 1.9 x 0.8"), the device uses a built-in Lithium-ion battery has an average use life of 7 days and its on-board memory can store up to 60,000 locations. The device is also service agnostic and can be used with existing Location Based Services (LBS) or without. About Worldscout Corporation Worldscout Corporation is a privately-held Canadian company that designs, manufacturers and markets the omniscout family of GPS/cellular based theft deterrent/recovery systems. These systems allow users to track and monitor the movement of either one vehicle or hundreds -- simultaneously, intelligently and in real time. This gives users "piece of mind" knowing they can locate their vehicles at any time through an easy-to-use Internet "dashboard." Additional security features include excessive and critical speed alerts, lock & unlock doors, honk horn, starter disable and more. The company is located at 100 Leek Crescent, Unit 10 in Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3E6 Canada with a U.S. office in Phoenix, Az. About Alltigo Inc. Alltigo Inc. was a private, Toronto-based technology company founded by engineers with extensive experience in enterprise applications and the integration of small electronic devices in those systems. Utilizing only commodity-type services, readily available with well-defined interfaces, such as Global Positioning Systems, Wireless Networks, Internet, Web Services, and Instant Messaging, Alltigo has offered significant value to customers at attractive prices.

16GB Apple iPhone - A Review

The Apple iPhone is not just a cell phone. Why? Because it is a phone, music player, video player, internet device, a camera and all this on 16GB memory.

The iPhone is slim and sleek at just 11.6mm thick, 2.4-inches wide, and 4.5-inches tall with a 2 megapixel camera. It allows you to make a call by simply tapping a name or number in your address book, a favorites list, or a call log. All your contacts from a Windows PC, Mac, or Internet service are automatically synced.

An iPod : With a 3.5 inch display widescreen iPod with touch controls where you can enjoy your music, audiobooks, videos, TV shows, and movies. Plus sync the content from the iTunes library on your PC or Mac all with the touch of a finger.

For Internet: It features rich HTML email and Safari browser, the most advanced web browser ever on a portable device. It has built in Yahoo and Goggle for convenient searching. You can multitask by making a phone call while emailing a photo or surfing the web over a Wi-Fi connection.

A YouTube player is available on the home screen, so that you can access and browse YouTube videos wherever you go. And when you find a video you want to send to your friends, you can even create an email with the link in it for you.

The Maps application on the iPhone approximates your location using cell tower information and enabled local Wi-Fi networks. Drop a pin on a map, then move it to a specific location to find nearby points of interest. Even check real-time traffic information.

The Multi-Touch touch screen display lets you control everything using only your fingers. You can type using the predictive keyboard. A full QWERTY keyboard allows you to send and receive SMS messages, email, etc.

The iPhone uses OS X, the worlds most advanced operating system. This software completely redefines what you can do with a mobile phone. It uses quad-band GSM, the global standard for wireless communication. iPhone supports AT&Ts EDGE network, 802.11b/g Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.0 with EDR, which links to the compact Bluetooth headset. The iPhone automatically switches between EDGE and Wi-Fi to provide the fastest data connection possible.

Apple iPhone has a Built-in rechargeable lithium ion battery with Talk time: Up to 8 hours, Standby time up to 250 hours, Internet use: Up to 6 hours, Video playback: Up to 7 hours and Audio playback: Up to 24 hours.

These are some of the reasons why Apple iPhone has an upper hand over other cell phones.

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How to get iPhones Very Cheap!

The huge price tag of above $400 dollars is what it will cost most people who are interested in obtaining an Apple iPhone.. but these same people are not aware that there are different places from which you can purchase a cheap iPhone, below retail price...

Want a cheap iPhone?

You can find a place to buy a cheap iPhone, they do exist, to the point where they sell iPhones less that half the price you would normally purchase one.

What are your options?

A very popular and reliable place to get these phones is by shopping internet retail stores. These retailers online are competing to have the most clicks and they will therefore, sell their products at much cheaper prices. It is not a gimmick or some scam, it's the real thing.

Do not amazed by how low these prices are, they are the real thing, i promise you that. It is usually more affordable for an online retailer to sell the phones that cheap in relation to a normal store.

A Number of these online stores would have been in this business for years, and this is a sure sign that the products they offer are the real deal and not some knock off product. Some of these vendors carry some very high end, high priced products in their inventory and they have been doing so for many years.

companies who sell Apple iPhones and other mobile products online, will set up their site to promote a social community. This allows a foundation for a rapport with the buyer, they will provide you with the latest updates in the store all the latest technology, or offer you other accessories for your phone, by simply keeping you an their mailing list.

There you are able to meet others and share your experiences. This is why have slashed their prices so low, in the digital world you are now their customer for life.

It does not matter where buy your cheap iPhone, your primary objective is to get it for less than the suggested retail price, it is advisable, however that you spend more time ensuring that the apple iPhone is new and also, make sure that you get a warranty just in case any fault is found.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

What You Need To Know About Broadband Phone

All of us have been vouching how broadband phone has revolutionized our communication in just a glimpse of year's time. No more questionable quality and misunderstood conversations since broadband phone offer clear conversation no matter whom we call. Possessing a computer with high speed internet ingress and a telephone, we just can combine these facilities to make a broadband phone call. The old impractical perception of making telephone calls over the television cable is now a history. And, absolutely an industry standard now it is. Thanks to broadband phone adapter, now we could avail our old phone to place calls over our broadband internet connection. The number of broadband phone adapter required is depends on how many telephones we have.

Broadband phone or internet phone permits users to actuate their internet links instead of the ordinary landline to make calls. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) translates the voice into digital packets and transmits it over the internet and these are translated back into analog signals before outstretch the receiver at the other end. This technology is availing equipment sometimes just a n ordinary phone to connect to the internet and transfer calls over the broadband connection enabled by your computer. This service will save you a great amount of money by transferring your calls to your computer and saving that charges out of your phone bill. The intriguing part of broadband phone service is that it runs the same way phone system functions.

The fundamental reason of users switching to VoIP is the eradicating of long distance charges. The benefit of using broadband phone service is it is just like our traditional phone. Hardware based broadband internet phone service is needed due to with software based VoIP, we need to run our call through computer.

The realm of broadband phone services could alter our cognizance on making call or on the calls that outstretch our house is simply by permitting for an eminent speed and excellent connectivity. The technology comprised designs broadband phone services in such a way that more calling capabilities and more links enabled, thus maximizing calling potential with a simple service. It is relatively inexpensive and totally renewable and available from almost all major phone companies.

Broadband phone services offer many excellent benefits for us. There are a number of available companies that provide these broadband phone services. But, be sure to check all of the choices available then examine between several of favorites in order to decide properly on which is the best suit our requirement.

Low costs is the rudiment key allurement of broadband phone services as it enables users to save considerable sums of money through broadband phone telecommunication. There is abundance of broadband phone service providers that always emulates each other for cheap and revolutionary services which permits subscribers to make calls via broadband internet connection at very low cost. Examining the plans from different broadband phone service providers are a good exercise. We will be able to pick the best many features that broadband phone service providers' offer.

Another great advantage of a broadband phone is about its standalone feature, so we just can do away with our landline. There is only one simple piece of device to install and it can be done in just few minutes. Once all the hardware is nailed up, you get the services activated and start making calls. The operation is so simple which require us to just keep old phone and plug it into the broadband phone line adapter and it runs just as it did before. No additional wiring is required, even if there is more than one phone in which we will need an adapter for each one.

There are drawbacks of being able to place a broadband phone call though. It is the unavailability of 911 emergency services. Not all 911 call centers support them, as the caller-ID features are not available in all broadband areas. Another is the unavailability of broadband phone call during power outage. Broadband phone call, either hardware or software, needs electricity to work. If the cable company has no power, we have no phone service. Our hardware-based service goes through a modem, which needs power as well. Traditional phone service has its own power provided by the phone company permitting it to function even when electricity is interrupted.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New display LCD EzLink with USB 2.0 interface from Asus

Asus has recently announced the availability of the new series of monitors LCD EzLink, composed by two models VW223B and VW202B. This new series name is refered to the technology of connection EzLink, that allows to connect more monitors to the computer through a common USB 2.0 interface, providing all the necessary flexibility for multi-screen applications.

Both the models VW223B and VW202B climb on panels LCD Wide Screen with a resolution equal to 1680x1050 pixels, while the diagonals are respectively of 22 and 20,1 inchs. The displays have a 15 pins D-Sub connector and a USB 2.0. In case of USB connection, it will be necessary to install a special driver that will manage windows positioning on the various secondary monitors.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Learn How To Get Free Cable TV as SIFI Becomes Reality

How to get free cable TV can boost us all into a SIFI type future, even virtual reality becomes possible. As or cassette tapes, records, and Video tapes, disappear. I believe our TV sets will as well.

Is the ability to advance in home entertainment limited due to our TV sets? Don't get me wrong, for a price you can get some great programs even HDC type programs from cable, but what else can they bring us? Have we limited our potential because we are closed minded? Not everyone has. As you can see, many people are abandoning their norm of thinking and learning how to get free cable tv.

While learning how to get free cable tv on the Pc is not yet a standard or has it even come close to its potential. I think it will pick up from the limited ability of our cable satellite TV providers. While PC programming is very close to what cable supplies now, I see in the very near future huge leaps beyond our wildest thinking. Do you think we could move to interactive, virtual reality, image projection, or true 3 and 4 dimensional programming with our TV sets? While on vacation one year I visited a virtual reality game center. Now I can only imagine this being available in all of our homes. You look right; you look left and amazingly enough you're in the action of this reality TV. Now I'm not saying PC TV is to this point yet, but now I understand why our satellite and cable providers are getting nervous. Also, think about this technology integrated with our phone and communication system. A projection of your son, daughter, parents, or anyone even in another country could be projected setting next to you and talking or interacting. All of this seems SIFI and maybe it does sound a bit like the old cartoon "The Jetsons". However, all of this is possible through our growth and open mindedness. All of these things I mentioned are already out there in some form just waiting to find a way to incorporate them. So while SIFI is not even that much of a stretch, just imagine thinking about TV when we only had the radio. I do not think anyone even thought about these realities until they where introduced. I cannot predict what else is to develop. We as the consumer, drive the direction of technology with our willingness to bend with change.

I remember before I learned how to get free cable tv, having a TV that only got 4 channels about 35 year ago. Then we joined the race getting a 13 cable cannels 1 through 13 on the TV dial. Next cable came out with the converter giving us 18 channels, and then I bought a huge dish and got over 200 channels. Ok I moved on and got direct TV to receive maybe 400 channels. Then digital cable caught up and the offered the ability to watch different programming in other rooms and it was less expensive. Now I have moved on to PC TV that offers 10,000 channels at a one time small up front fee. While my basement and house right now is laced with thousands of feet of wiring from my original cable, analog cable from my 10 foot dish, direct TV cables, and digital cable. I even have antenna wires running through. I never had to add any wires for my PC TV I just clicked a key on my computer. Now I just need to figure out what to do with all those wires running through out the house.

Learning how to get free cable tv on your computer is an excellent invention. It is voted best new product of 2008. Watching TV online requires no additional hardware and when new channels become available they are automatically added. All the software necessary to view TV on the Internet use easy to use user interfaces. To watch TV on the computer is very simple. You just have to know where to look. Watch concerts, festivals, and videos from all around the world. How about watching live sports that are not shown on normal satellite TV including your favorite sports team?

As you learn how to get free cable tv you can watch local TV, world TV, Live TV, satellite TV from countries of all world. You can also watch your favorite TV series, music, news, sports, movies, comedy, religious, and adult content anytime you want. Watching in different languages on your PC not just at home, but at the OFFICE, work or wireless is also a plus. Create your own library of video content anywhere you have an internet connection. No additional equipment needed. Watch Live Games, even the ones that your cable company does not show them.

Your cable TV providers will not tell you what has happened to the television broadcasting industry. Internet has changed the traditional way to watch TV and brought TV programs to your computer or laptop with incredible low set-up fee but more exciting and plentiful programs and channels.

Is this article informitive to you, does this SIFI like very near future excite you, jump on the wagon and view these top sites moving in this direction.

Watch Satellite TV On PC - How To Convert Your Computer To PC Sattelite TV?

The most incredible of all technology, is to watch satellite TV on PC, many people have cable services with quite a few channels, but they are repeated so often that you start feeling that you are in a constant repeat mode. However with the invention of satellite television on your PC, you can get more than 3000 and some companies even give you as many as 5000 channels.

You will benefit from the fact once you own the software, you will not ever have to buy another thing. In this instant you will have the power of television in your lap or on your desk. This one time fee covers the outstanding technology, then you can watch thousands of channels throughout the world on your PC forever. You will never pay for this again in your lifetime.

All you have to remember is that within minutes, you could be watching the over 3000 Stations on the PC for the rest of your life, all the cost that it takes to take your family to the movies, and some of the sites will even offer the program software for free. Millions of people are already taking advantage of the varieties of programming available and are enjoying the savings they get from not paying for cable and satellite services. They also like the possibilities of watching various sporting events that they can't see anywhere else.

Another great benefit is that you can watch these shows in many different languages, such as French, Spanish, Italian and of course English as well as many more. They can even browse the television stations offered in other countries. With this technology they can watch satellite TV on PC for low money and save at least $90 a month that they would have spent on Cable television.

The best thing about it is that you will find that it is 100% legal and will work in all of the countries in the world such as the United States, Canada and all of the others. You will be able to find the world's greatest shows on television no mater where it is playing in.

You will be happy to know that with this software, you will be able to watch Satellite TV on PC, without buying expensive hardware, you don't even need a TV card. You only need to have a good Internet connection, preferably something with a very high Internet speed. Another consideration is where or not, you need broadband. The use of broadband, not only ensures that the connection is better, but that you get higher grade audio and video resolution with this product.

The best thing about using this product is that it is very easy to install, you just download the product and and then you will have instant access to all of the satellite channels and all of the hundreds of shows, you love to watch. You will also be amazed that you don't need any PC skills in order today. You may even like the idea that there is no monthly subscriptions like you will find on cable television. You should know that there are no mimics and once you pay the one time fee, this technology is free for life.

So if you want a more exciting online experience of watching satellite TV on PC, you should check around for a site that will sell you the software for free, with no waiting, you just pay, download and you can be watching your favorite shows in a matter of minutes, so enjoy this new TV on your PC.

Download PC Satellite TV Software Today! "Start Watching Satellite TV Instantly" Visit now! Read my another popular article Satellite TV For PC Elite Edition 2008 Review for more information.

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The Mobile Revolution

Locations are no longer a barrier with today's mobile technology. Wireless phones and other wireless technologies have made it possible to stay connected no matter where you are or what you're doing.

It's hard to remember a time before cell phones. A time when people could only contact one another from their homes or at the office near a phone. Or harder still, try remembering a time before fax machines and email; when getting a document to someone meant physical delivery.

Some people may bemoan the loss of a simpler, less accessible time. But what most GenXers and all GenYers have known is the digital era: when everything and everyone is just a click away at all times.

Mobile telephones have brought this digital connectivity to a new level. In addition to being accessible by phone, people can now connect through email or text message while on the go.

These technologies have been enhanced by the advent of the much-touted iPhone and other mobile devices that offer connectivity from our hand. Previous wireless telephones offered cursory versions of the Internet. People could check their email and view small pieces of online information but were unable to access all of the audio, video, text and interactive features the modern Internet has to offer.

Mobile technology has certainly revolutionized people's lives. You can check your Facebook profile, converse with a friend using Instant Messaging and bookmark an article to Digg all while riding the bus to work. Wireless phones have become a social necessity.

Conducting work via mobile phones is also becoming standard practice. Businessmen and businesswomen can attend meetings around the world, submit presentations, keep up with their email correspondence, and more all from their wireless devices.

Business software has adapted to fit mobile technology as mobile phones become an indispensible aspect of company-customer interaction. Relationship automation module provider Axonom recently introduced its Powertrak Mobile software for wireless devices. This technology offers the complete Microsoft customer relationship management applications standard in its original Powertrak software to leading mobile devices without the need for IT support and tedious installation.

More software will likely become 'mobile-friendly' as the mobile revolution continues to grow. Visit to find out more about the mobile-friendly technology offered by Axonom.

IPhone Unlock

Unlocking Your iPhone From AT&T's Tight Grasp

Unlocking your iPhone will free you from the constraints forced upon you by Apple and AT&T. When you purchase a new iPhone, you're required to sign a 2-year contract with AT&T in order to make full use of the device's functionality. If AT&T is your current wireless provider, then activating your iPhone is a simple matter of purchasing an additional Data Plan for your wireless package. However, if you're using T-Mobile, Verizon, SprintPCS, or any other provider, switching to AT&T can be an expensive nuisance. In this article, you'll learn why others have been unlocking their iPhones and how to avoid AT&T's activation and cancellation fees should you decide to unlock your iPhone and use it on another network.

Reasons For Unlocking Your iPhone

There are several reasons why you may want to unlock your iPhone. For most people, the biggest motivator is being able to use their iPhone's email, audio, web and phone functions with their current wireless provider. For example, if you're currently a SprintPCS customer, it's a hassle to terminate your SprintPCS account (possibly paying a hefty cancellation fee) just to activate your iPhone on AT&T's service. It's much more convenient to unlock your iPhone and use it with SprintPCS.

Other iPhone owners may have a travel itinerary that frequently takes them abroad. It's possible for them to use their iPhone on AT&T's affiliate networks while visiting other countries. But, it may be more convenient to use a prepaid GSM SIM card. The only way this is possible is to unlock the iPhone.

Still others may want to sell their iPhone in the future. Because the PDA market updates and reinvents itself rapidly, many iPhone owners will want to upgrade to new models or to entirely different PDAs. Because the iPhone costs $400 (and more), it can be a valuable source of cash flow when upgrading. Unlocking the iPhone (and thereby, allowing others to use their own wireless provider) makes the device more marketable when the time comes to sell it.

Avoiding Activation And Cancellation Fees

Most wireless carriers want customers to sign contracts that lock them into the provider's service. There are typically heavy cancellation fees for terminating the contract early. In addition, there are usually activation fees for starting a new plan. AT&T is no different. However, their terms of service agreement includes provisions (albeit, in small print) that allow you to recoup and avoid these fees.

If you purchase your iPhone and activate it on AT&T's network, you can terminate the 2-year contract within 30 days and avoid the cancellation fee. When the iPhone was originally launched this fee was $175. Since then, AT&T has changed their policy and charges a cancellation fee based upon how long the customer has used the network. Also, if you cancel your contract within 3 days, you can get a refund for the activation fee that AT&T charged.

Enjoying Your Unlocked iPhone

Unlocking your iPhone provides you with the freedom to use it with any wireless provider you choose (as long as that provider uses the same GSM frequency as AT&T). Many people have complained about AT&T's lackluster customer service, comparatively-high prices and spotty coverage. For them (and perhaps yourself), using their iPhone on a different carrier's network is preferable. Once you've unlocked your iPhone (hopefully, in time to avoid the activation and cancellation fees), you'll be able to enjoy its functionality on a network that's better-suited to your lifestyle and needs.