Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Mobile Revolution

Locations are no longer a barrier with today's mobile technology. Wireless phones and other wireless technologies have made it possible to stay connected no matter where you are or what you're doing.

It's hard to remember a time before cell phones. A time when people could only contact one another from their homes or at the office near a phone. Or harder still, try remembering a time before fax machines and email; when getting a document to someone meant physical delivery.

Some people may bemoan the loss of a simpler, less accessible time. But what most GenXers and all GenYers have known is the digital era: when everything and everyone is just a click away at all times.

Mobile telephones have brought this digital connectivity to a new level. In addition to being accessible by phone, people can now connect through email or text message while on the go.

These technologies have been enhanced by the advent of the much-touted iPhone and other mobile devices that offer connectivity from our hand. Previous wireless telephones offered cursory versions of the Internet. People could check their email and view small pieces of online information but were unable to access all of the audio, video, text and interactive features the modern Internet has to offer.

Mobile technology has certainly revolutionized people's lives. You can check your Facebook profile, converse with a friend using Instant Messaging and bookmark an article to Digg all while riding the bus to work. Wireless phones have become a social necessity.

Conducting work via mobile phones is also becoming standard practice. Businessmen and businesswomen can attend meetings around the world, submit presentations, keep up with their email correspondence, and more all from their wireless devices.

Business software has adapted to fit mobile technology as mobile phones become an indispensible aspect of company-customer interaction. Relationship automation module provider Axonom recently introduced its Powertrak Mobile software for wireless devices. This technology offers the complete Microsoft customer relationship management applications standard in its original Powertrak software to leading mobile devices without the need for IT support and tedious installation.

More software will likely become 'mobile-friendly' as the mobile revolution continues to grow. Visit to find out more about the mobile-friendly technology offered by Axonom.

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