Wednesday, December 19, 2007

VoIP Service: gradually gaining its market value

Now, making long distance and international calls is no more a costlier affair. In this fast paced world of high-end communication, internet and mobile phone has become an important part of daily life. With that, while moving towards latest and advanced technological innovation, VoIP services are in great demand. In Voice over IP services, both voice and video communications are combined in a single network. Well, in this technology of transforming communication; voice, video and images are compressed and then transmitted over IP network i.e. broadband connection. Today, this innovation in communication has made calling an easier task for anyone.

In addition to VoIP calling, user can also have an access to internet. Voice over IP services is considered as the best alternative over conventional PSTN services. The calls over the Internet allows user to make long distance and international call at substantial rates. These services have gained its popularity in varied spheres of industry. For instance, VoIP phone services are well used in corporate and business houses for lowering down their heavy monthly expenditure of telephone. Moreover, with passage of time, services are gradually acquiring a position of prominence in the lives of most of residential users. Well, internet telephony is much cheaper than any other telephone services because it don't require capital equipment.

While looking for the best services, user must check features like caller ID, voicemail, call conferencing, call transfer, faxes to email, outgoing call block and additional phone lines from his provider. Moreover, user must look for VoIP Service that facilitate PC to PC calls, PC to VoIP calls, as well as VoIP to ordinary phone calls. Lastly, user feels satisfied with the IP services as it offer benefits like reliability, scalability, functionality, security and network efficiency when compared to PSTN services. The easiest way to find cheapest Voice over IP services is through online searching.

Monday, December 17, 2007

New IPhone download pro

The new IPhone download pro is amazing. Its gives you access to fastest and most comprehenisive IPhone downloads on the net. You get unlimited access, without restrictions to movies, music, TV shows, games, music videos, software and so much more...

The site offers free technical support. There's no monthly or pay per download fees. Fantastic software thats easy to use, with step by step instructions. The step by step instructions include how to transfer movies, games, music and pictures to you IPhone. It also gives you easy software to burn your movies, games, videos and pictures.

You get access to the largest network on the planet with over 300 million people. This includes billions of download files of music and videos and anything else you could think of. And this access is available to you at any time.

There are several of people doing it already. And there loving it. They have saved bundles in video rental fees. And got access to them on the net with in seconds. In one night you can download all you favorite songs or watch your favorite movie.

Just go to

Friday, December 14, 2007

Choosing A Good Conference Call Provider

Conference calls are incredibly important for any business. Yet, conference calls quickly lose their value if not done properly though. Special care must be taken to ensure that you get the best service for the best price possible. The process can be very confusing though, and anyone should benefit greatly from a few simple tips.

First and foremost, you need to ensure that you will have good support from your conference call provider. If there is a problem, you need to be able to get it fixed at any time. Many larger businesses sacrifice customer service quality in order to keep prices low, but it isn't worth it in the long run. The few dollars you save will pale in comparison to the hours of frustration that a downed conference call line will cause.

Second, you should really make sure that you are getting a good overall package from your provider. In particular, you should make sure that you are getting a nice VoIP connection. This somewhat advanced technology is the version that actually allows virtual meetings through conference calls, as opposed to the old static-filled speaker conversations.

Third, you have to look at the technology that the entire company uses. If possible, you should try and buy a plan that allows for instant messaging through a secure web conference setting. It is even better if you can get a secured storage center that will allow your employees to share necessary files with each other over a secure line. Your clients should really appreciate your efforts to protect their information.

The technology that they offer is also a great gauge for the true quality of the provider. Are they ahead of the times or lagging behind? You will preferably seek a company that offers the latest technologies to its customers, since this service will be much more likely to led the way in advances and make sure that you remain on the cutting edge.

Fourth, price shouldn't be the deciding factor, but you also have to make sure that you aren't going to be overcharged for your standard use of the line. It is generally a bad idea to go with a plan that relies solely on minutes of use. A major business doesn't need its employees counting the minutes during a major discussion with a client. A good provider should offer an option to just let you establish a set number of users with effectively unlimited use of the internet and phone connections for a reasonable monthly fee.

The fifth and final tip is to check all of your sources carefully. Just because a provider says that they are global doesn't mean that they really are. A true global provider should have local offices in regions throughout the world. Then they could offer real assistance in the event of any communication issues. It is at least worth a few phone calls or internet searches to see if they really have as wide reaching of a network as they claim.

With these tips in mind, you should be more than able to comparison shop with a set idea in mind and find the best service for your business.

Many applications of GPS

Different Applications of GPS units Many different types of GPS units are available for a myriad of uses. All though the basic functionality of the units are the same (your location in the world) there are many variations and ways to interpret the data. When you think of GPS the first thing you think of it is as a road atlas. To get your car from one location to another is the main purpose of the GPS. But there are more uses to a GPS than just that, some have different abilities and attributes that you should look for when searching for the right GPS for you. Here is a short list of types of devices to better inform you of what is available.

Automotive: The most typical use. Great for the driver that goes to unfamiliar locations all the time. Shortest distances or fastest routes can be calculated. Traffic updates are a useful optional item and can greatly decrease the time it takes to get from point A to point B

Motorcycles: Similar to automotive units but they are optimized for left handed use with large buttons and other glove friendly features

Mobile Phones: A popular add on to mobile phones they have the functionality of a stand alone unit and attach to data ports on the smart phone.

Laptops and PDAs: You can attach a GPS receiver to your laptop and have the data go straight into your hard drive. You can manipulate this data and add data from multiple receivers if you please. No need to have a stand alone unit if you have a receiver attached to your laptop.

Running: Not only do they record your jogging paths some have heart rate monitors and the ability for you to compete with your previous work outs.

Bicycling: Along with the hardware to attach it to your handle bars a cadence sensor and your power output in watts can be used as you ride to gauge how hard your work out has been.

Handheld: The basic unit of the GPS. Basic units can be extremely simple with no maps and just a heading indicator and waypoints to locations you set. But if its features you want they can have colored backlit maps and be water proof along with lots of other features.

Dog Collar: Mainly for hunting, it can track your dog and display it's location and path history. The hand held unit can track up to 10 dogs.

Fishing / Boating Great for plotting a course to your favorite fishing spot. Some come with chart plotters and sounders to locate fish. Advanced units can receive FM broadcasts and can show you the weather.

Flying: Either built in or hand held these units update at a much faster rate to give you a better "real-time" location indicator.

Even if you've picked out the type of GPS for you be sure to look at the features it includes. For instance there are some automotive GPS units that don't say street names. Some units have that capability some don't, be sure to check if you prefer one type or another.

Voice: Very useful when your on difficult roads and can't take your eyes off where your going. The GPS will talk you through the twists and turns of the road to lead you to your destination.

Touch Screen: Typically more intuitive than buttons. Easier to use and can lower the size of the unit since there doesn't need to be any surface area devoted to buttons. All though there are many benefits to a touch screen if you wear gloves while driving (like for a motorcycle) it may be harder to navigate through the menus of the unit perhaps bigger buttons would suit better.

Display Size: Typically the self contained units will be around 4 inches by 3 inches. Easy to hold in your hand or attach to the inside of the car. There are smaller more portable ones for hiking / backpacking. There are also larger ones meant to stay attached to a vehicle. You can get almost any size screen with your GPS if you decide to attach it to a laptop or PDA

Maps: Does this GPS come with all the maps of where your going to use this device? are they able to add new maps if you so choose?

Preset Waypoints: Some come with preprogrammed waypoints like stores and shops. Do you travel a lot in unfamiliar areas? Perhaps this feature would help you find the next hotel or gas station and some even have the phone number of the establishment with the location.

Other Applications: MP3 player, Picture Viewer, currency converter, Bluetooth. Make sure the model you select has the applications right for you.

Accessories: Added Antennas, Heart rate monitor, even extra Dog collars.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Broadband - Securing your WI-FI

Wireless networking is now common place, with many ISP's providing cheap broadband that include a wireless hub as standard. Wireless broadband users enjoy the freedom of being able to surf the internet from any location in their house, from lounging on the sofa to the extreme of 'surfing' on the lavatory (handy if you can't pull yourself away from an online poker tournament!)

Wi-fi can be set up in minutes and it has proved a household luxury that many would not choose to be without.

The average wireless hub is designed to suit the home computing market, so ease of use is a main priority. Most wi-fi products now come ready-to-use, straight out of the box; whilst this is great for the average computer user; the problem is that many won't know how to secure a wireless network.

An unsecured network means that you are at risk from others accessing your network. This could result in either someone close by making use of your internet for free or at worst they could glean information from your wi-fi signal and possibly obtain valuable, personal data.
Steps to Secure your Network

Change your Admin Password on your Wireless Router Manufacturers ship their wireless broadband routers with a default password for initial access. Once you have your wi-fi up and running, the first thing you should do is change your password. To do this, you will need to log in to the router. Your ISP should provide you the instructions on how to do this.

Turn Off SSID Broadcasting Your wireless LAN will continuously broadcast your network name, or SSID (Service Set Identifier). This makes it convenient when connecting to your LAN, because you don't have to know you network name, but this will also make your network visible to anyone within your network range. If you turn off SSID broadcasting, this will make you invisible to your neighbours and anyone else who might happen to be passing by.

Change WEP for WPA WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) establishes security by encrypting data transmitted over the wireless computer network. The problem with WEP is that it's a weak form of security that uses a common 60 or 108 bit key that is shared among all the devices on the network to encrypt the wireless data. Hackers are bale to crack WEP keys with the help of software that is readily available on the internet. WPA (Wi-Fi Protected Access) is an improvement over WEP as it provides strong data protection by using 128-bit encryption keys and dynamic session keys that help guarantee stronger privacy and security.

Install a Firewall A firewall acts as a barrier from the outside world that either blocks or allows information to pass through to your computer.

It only takes a small amount of time and a little amount of knowledge to ensure that your wireless broadband connection is secure.

The Sony Ericsson W910i - A new generation!

Here we look at two music phones storming through the charts: Sony Ericsson W910i and Nokia N81. The Sony Ericsson W910i is a sleek slider. The front fascia of the mobile phone is dominated by a 2.4 inch TFT screen that can produce more than 262k colours across its 240 x 320 pixels. The Walkman logo in iconic orange colour affirms the handset's affiliation to the Walkman family.
Being a Walkman phone, the Sony Ericsson W910i's finesse lies in its music playing skills. The handset is endowed with an upgraded Walkman 3.0 media player with many integrated features that were not found in the earlier version, including the fabulous 'shake control', allowing you to change song by jiggling the phone. TrackID feature of the updated player is a great way to find out more about a song's artist and other relevant information just by sending a part of its recording to the server. Similarly, other features like playlist support, equalizer, MegaBass makes for a unique mobile music experience. The Sony Ericsson W910i's built in memory is supplemented by external memory cards.
One of the most appreciated feature of Nokia N81 mobile phones, is its imaging prowess. The handset comes with an excellent 2 Megapixel camera, with video recording capabilities and 20 x digital zoom. The dimension of customization and editing are huge, giving the users every cause to revel in creativity. One can choose from eight Sony Ericsson shooting modes, ranging from portrait to sports to night portrait, and five resolutions: 2,048x1,536, 1,600x1,200, 1,280x960, 800x600, and 640x480. Further, one can also play with the contrast, white balance, brightness, colour tone and exposure value.
One may add clip art or text to the snaps, or reduce red eyed, cut audio, trim clips for multimedia messages, etc. Not only this, the photo sharing ability of Nokia N81 is also more powerful than its contemporary. In addition to email and saving document, one can also use Nokia mobile phones Xpress Solutions to print photos, upload them to the Web, or transfer them to other Sony Ericsson devices. Besides its outstanding imaging quality, the Nokia N81 also includes 3G, WLAN, EDGE, four GSM band, Symbian's S60 software platform, and media player for musical bonanza.

Samsung SCH-U520

The Samsung SCH-U520 brings XM satellite radio to your mobile phone. Other major features on this phone include television, an MP3 player and a 1.3 megapixel camera.
The Samsung SCH-U520, itself, is a slim phone with a 1” width and a 2.96 ounce weight. Many features fit inside this compact 3.74” X 1.92” frame - which fits comfortably in both the hand and the pocket. The external 176 X 16 pixel display permits you to view who is calling on the outside of the flip - while the internal 176 X 220 pixel 262K color display is perfect for viewing pictures and video.
Since Alltel wireless provides axcess TV and axcess radio services to your SCH-U520, you can listen to any 20 of your favorite XM radio station and television provided by Alltel right on your cell phone. The SCH-U520 is a stylish, compact way to enjoy entertainment while on the run - not only can you access the radio and television, but you can also play music through the embedded MP3 player. Simply store music files on the additional microSD and play them with the SCH-U520’s powerful built-in speakers or wired headphones.
The phone’s Bluetooth capability also allows you to access your phonebook through voice command and talk to your contacts with your headset. Plus, the SCH-U520 comes equipped with a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera with flash. Aside from various color options and quality settings, the camera also features an 8X zoom for far-away shots. The camera also allows you to record clips with sound and offers a set of editing options that are similar to a still camera. You can store as much video as your 65MB of internal memory permits, and with the advanced SMS, EMS and MMS messaging capabilities, you can send up to 15 seconds of video to friends and family.
As you can see, the Samsung SCH-U520 offers some powerful high tech features for a conveniently sized cell phone.

Friday, November 16, 2007

AIT Technologies - Your Reliable Provider of Technology Solutions

Everyone has come to rely on computers for a wide range of activities. Entertainment has entered a new era with the advent of computers and the Internet, but computers are far from being just a smart tool that provides endless means for fun and relaxation. Computers have also revolutionized the business world in a way that had not been anticipated. The advantages that derive from using computers are more than obvious, and businesses can benefit from all these advantages a great deal.

But these machines are not infallible, and there are times when problems occur. This is where the computer specialists step in. Each of us has some computer skills that can vary from basic to advanced knowledge. But the problems that sometimes occur can hardly be fixed by a person who knows little about computers. But certified professionals are able to solve all your computer problems.

Support and repair are far from being the only services you may ever need with your computer network. Computer consulting, database solutions, and custom programming are just some of the main services that you may need when using computer networks to conduct your business or otherwise. And once again, certified professionals are the people whose knowledge and expertise to should use in order to ensure the functionality of your systems.

The staff's input in companies and enterprises of all sizes is unquestionable, but computers play an equally important part in the activities that take place inside an institution. The extent to which companies and enterprises rely on computers is so high that sometimes even a few minutes wasted because of a malfunction or any other problem can generate considerable losses. Under these circumstances, having the problem fixed as quickly and as professionally as possible is a must. Therefore, choosing a local service provider is highly advisable. Although online backup and support are possible, not all problems can be solved over the Internet. Being able to rely on professionals to solve your computer and network problems within a short time frame is very important. Furthermore, the IT services offered by local providers are likely to be more affordable than the rest.

AIT Technologies are such specialists that you can rely on to do the job right. Located in South Florida, AIT Technologies provides all sorts of IT services in cities like Boca Raton, Coconut Creek, Delray, Jupiter, Lake Worth, Miami, Palm Beach, Wellington, and so forth.

The services provided by AIT Technologies range from computer repair and support, crash and data recovery, database development, Internet filters and security, virus and spyware removal, and computer network setup to complete office setup, custom software, website design, data migration, employee monitoring, and so on.

As has been said before, all these services are available in cities and towns across South Florida. Wellington, Miami, Jupiter, Palm Beach, Lake Worth, Boca Raton and Delray are just some of the South Florida cities in which you can benefit from high quality and affordable assistance from AIT Technologies.

AIT Technologies provides businesses of all sizes with technical solutions developed and implemented by Microsoft, Cisco and Citrix certified professionals. Any types of computer network problems can be troubleshot and solved by the AIT Technologies professionals. In addition, they can create award-winning websites and provide custom programming that will meet your exact specifications and needs.

AIT Technologies to Your Rescue

Nowadays, when technology is an important part of our everyday life, you have to make sure that there is somebody who can provide answers to your technological questions. If your location is South Florida, then AIT Technologies is the solution to all your problems from repair and support to database solutions and custom programming. South Florida consulting offers you the opportunity to answer every question related to technological support and South Florida websites are the easiest way to receive your answers.

The list of services that AIT Technologies offers is vast, so any time you want South Florida computer repair, South Florida programming, South Florida networking, South Florida IT solutions and many other services, all you only have to do is enter the South Florida website of this company and all your problems can be solved, as long as they are related to technology, of course.

All Florida consultants are Microsoft certified people and the services that Florida technologies offers are one of the best, due to continual training and years of experience. Whenever you may need a Florida networking consultant, a Florida programming consultant, or a Florida consultation, AIT Technologies is the company to go to, especially when you need your problems taken care of as quickly as possible and with no extra charge for emergencies. Florida Microsoft support is one of the smartest choices you can make when you find yourself in need of office support, hardware installations support, websites and database support or network upgrades. There is no Florida virus that Florida software cannot remove, and the Florida certified specialists at AIT technologies, as well as Florida Microsoft and beach Microsoft support will always be at your service.

From Palm Beach consulting to Beach consultants, this Florida computers company offers its Florida certified services to all the South Florida businesses in need of competent, affordable and flexible solutions. If you ever have an emergency or your problems must be dealt with during at the weekend, Beach consultants, Boca consultants, Boynton Beach consulting, Delray Beach consulting, Palm Beach consulting, all Florida consulting specialists are at your service for no extra charge. So, if you are ever in need of Beach repair, Boca repair, Delray Beach repair, Palm Beach repair and, for that matter all Florida repair, then it is very wise to choose the services of AIT technologies, given the fact that their prices are one of the lowest on the market, their quality service is one of the best and there is no extra charge for any emergencies.

The list of services that Florida Microsoft offers varies from computer support and repair to website design and even employee monitoring. Your hardware and software problems will be history in just a few hours' time with South Florida computer repair, and you will have the most productive and award-winning websites if you opt for the services provided by this company. Palm Beach websites, Delray Beach networking or Boca Raton programming are some of the services that Florida Microsoft certified specialists can assist you with.

If database managing is your concern, then Beach database, Delray database, Boca database and many other database Florida specialists can offer you assistance, as AIT technologies are the leaders in Florida technologies assistance. Domains like Beach.Net or Florida.Net are at your disposal and Florida websites or South Florida websites can no longer be a problem to you or your company, as long as you know whom to ask for help.

Apple iPhone popular in next generation

Apple iPhone is both a mobile phone as well as an iPod - made available within a sophisticated profile. Most of the features of the iPod are available in the Apple iPhone. A web browser, an organizer, a note taker and a camera make the Apple iPhone highly versatile in its capabilities and one of its kind. This revolutionary "handset-cum-iPod" combines the best of hardware as well as software features and is empowered to realize quite a few fantasies of tech-savvy users. As a matter of fact, the high-end functionalities of the Apple iPhone make it immensely popular among 'next-generation' users who are interested in trying out the latest gadgets - as soon as they hit the market.

Some features of the Apple iPod has been substituted and made all the more user-friendly in the Apple iPhone. The inaccuracy of the round click-wheel of the Apple iPod, for instance, has been done away with. The click-wheel has been replaced with a touch screen featuring Cover Flow in the Apple iPhone. Users could take advantage of the Cover Flow feature to flip though their collection of music files. Another merit of the iPhone is that the quality of audio is quite good. There is a built-in speaker that reproduces a range of audio frequencies during audio or video playback.

A physical mute switch is located above the rocker volume control. Users could use this switch to set the phone ringer and other audio signals to 'vibrate.' The Apple iPhone comes with earbud headphones; users need to just pinch these buttons to pause the music during incoming calls. However, there are some demerits to using the Apple iPhone as well. Users cannot copy files directly to the device. A direct access to a file system or a command line is conspicuous by its absence.

Dish Network Eases the Switch to High Def TV

There are plenty of reasons to invest in an HDTV set right now. The technology is more advanced than it's ever been (and if you believe some analysts that rate of advancement is about to slow for a while so you don't have to worry as much about what you'll miss out on if you purchase now as opposed to waiting a few months), the fees are lower than they've ever been before, and many TV service companies are poised to increase the number of HDTV channels that they offer over the next year. This increased competition to supply the most HDTV channels is likely to decrease the prices of HDTV subscriptions as well. The only trouble with going ahead and making the leap of buying an HDTV is the fact that high def tv is still a relatively new and somewhat confusing technology. After all, you can choose from projection TV's that use LCD technology as well as those that use digital light processing technology. You can also choose projectors that use both of those technologies to provide more of a theater like experience in your own home. On top of that there are flat screen TV's to choose among. Flat screen TV's come in the form of Plasma screens, LCD screens, and there's even a Laser screen TV on the horizon that may be able to combine many of the benefits of both Plasma screens and LCD screens.

On top of the actual TV, you also need High Def TV programming and a high definition receiver to process it before delivering it to the actual TV screen. Fortunately that's not as difficult of a choice as which type of TV to get because both are offered by the satellite TV service provider Dish Network Satellite. Dish Network actually has more HDTV channels at present in its introductory level HDTV programming package than any other TV provider does in any level programming package. For that reason alone, Dish Network is an excellent choice for a High Definition Television subscription. The fact that Dish Network will supply the High Def satellite receiver along with a High Def subscription is just icing on the cake.

There are two different high definition satellite receivers available from Dish Network and both of them provide a variety of benefits both to subscribers and Dish Network. The major benefit that they provide for Dish Network is decoding Dish Network's programming so that Dish Network can transmit it in an encrypted form and prevent people from watching it without getting a subscription.

These satellite receivers also provide a lot of benefits for Dish Network's HD subscribers. For one thing, they process all of the major TV resolutions including, 480i which is standard definition TV, 720p and 1080i which both count as HDTV resolutions, and 480p which is the hybrid enhanced definition format. In adddition, the more advanced model has a built in digital video player. A DVR, as this device is also known, will go a long way toward making any home entertainment center more user friendly by allowing you to record up to two shows simultaneously while you're away so that you can go back and watch them when you have the time. It's a great way to make sure that you get to see all of the TV that you want to watch while actually having a life.

In all, Dishnet makes the switch to HDTV easier and more enjoyable.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The blue iPod nano 8GB

The first feature of the every iPod nano that may come to your mind
is the existence of the 2-inch display; this type of display is to be
found in the case of the pink iPod nano 8gb too. This display occupies
almost half of the entire device thus making it one of the best selling
devices. Nano can also play some video in addition to the sounds of
music and this feature is highly searched for by almost every user.
There is another thing to be considered, namely that the shape of iPod
nano is a new one. Its previous thick design has been replaced by wider
shapes and the new stouter design may accommodate the scroll wheel and
the generous screen. All the features will be delivered by the
impressively thin profile and the blue iPod nano 8GB will subclass its

The pink iPod nano 8gb has a brushed aluminum design that can come in
various colors that may work quite well when in practice. But its
screen makes all the difference; you will be able to watch a video for
extended periods of time and this feature is very tolerable in case of
the quick-hit videos. The entire interface is revamped and the larger
screen will facilitate more features that the previous ones. Still
images can also be viewed because they can accommodate to this
refreshed interface. The new interface is to be considered as a less of
wholesale change when compared to a facelift. Every interface update
will consist of two components; these basic components will regard the
introduction of the cover flow. The cover flow is used in order to
navigate through the existing photo albums. It can also be used for
repurposing means such as the use of the white space that is to be
found on the right side of the screen. Visual content previews can be
introduced by using the cover flow and every blue iPod nano 8GB user
will make use of this feature in order to display all his photos.

The last change is also to be explored because it does not involve the
already known features; every option that is included in the pink iPod
nano 8gb menu may look pretty familiar to every user. But the white
screen that was to be found at the right of the phone’s display has
been replaced. The new right half when it comes to the iPod’s display
is designed in order to give the user a total preview of all his
options. The menu selection will be displayed because the previous whit
screen is not here anymore. The new feature is to be regarded as a
quite appealing substitution that comes instead of a white and
unnecessary space.

This useless space was replaced in order for the user to see his albums
too. The user can use the cover flow navigation in order to browse his
photo albums; this program is the best one when it comes to trolling
for the existing albums. The user has to slide his finger around the
wheel and he will flip through his albums in a second. The albums can
even be organized alphabetically by every artist. The user can also
search for an individual song and he will use the same program in order
to find it. The regular menu will also have some browsing enhancements
as well; the user can browse his songs by title; the track title will
be bolded and the name of the artist will appear beneath. If the pink
iPod nano 8gb is packed only with music, the user can scroll really
fast by using the scroll wheel that has some special options that may
help the user know when he has to stop.

Every blue iPod nano 8GB is likely t come with its own accessories; for
instance, ear bud headphones can be provided because the sound quality
can be very impressive in case of this iPod nano. But the accessories
are likely to address to music players because the iPod continues to
lack some important features such as the ones that are to be found in
the case of the flash media players. These features are quite common
when it comes to a competing player that can come along with a built-in
option, namely the microphone. The microphone can be used for different
voice recorders and it can be added even to an FM tuner. Therefore, if
you own a blue iPod nano 8GB and you want to make these voice
recordings, you will have to buy some extra accessories that are able
to provide you with the line-in jack. Every option is likely to require
for a new accessory if you are planning to use some extra features of
your iPod.

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The Samsung Z400 - A top 3G phone!

The Samsung Z400 is a 3G phone with a stylish slider design. It is
endowed with essential business-oriented functions, providing you with
multimedia comforts and high-speed mobile technology experience.

The Samsung Z400 boasts of a 2 mega pixel camera with 4x digital zoom,
enabling you to magnify and customise the frame. CMOS sensor guarantees
intense, true-to-life colour and razor-sharp contrast for the
best-looking images. A second VGA camera, tailor-made for video calls
and instant self-shots, boosts the visual ante even further. The
Samsung Z400 functions as a personal camcorder, recording high quality
colour videos in H.263 and MPEG4 video formats with enhanced voice
recording and audio playback via AMR-NB and AAC formats. You can shoot
and upload your video files, or export them through the 30 MB user
memory card with MicroSD. You can enjoy the large screen experience by
viewing them on the 262,144 QVGA TFT screen with 240x320 pixel
resolution, with unusual sharpness and stunning clarity.

The new Samsung Z400 makes significant gains from its forerunner with a
range of nifty enhancements and added features. When you're working on
the move, Document Viewer allows you to read files intact in Excel, PPT
and Word, as well as HTML, PDF and Text files. In Offline Mode, users
can switch off the phone function but revel in embedded content such as
documents or photos while on a plane - with savings in battery time, to
boot. All-important user memory, at 30MB, is also fully expandable via
external Micro SD, to save and store your documents. Bluetooth more
often than not saves the day, with mobile printing and wireless
connections and sync-ups to your laptop or PDA. Go cordless with a
wireless stereo headset, or hands-free with the Speakerphone option.
This improved model is specially geared towards maximum productivity in
work-oriented activities on the run - make it work for you.

Among other incredible multimedia features, the Vodafone
Samsung Z400 includes MP3 and AAC player with 64 polyphonic ring tones
combined with video messaging, video telephony, speakerphone and photo
caller ID. The high-speed connectivity provided by EDGE, GPRS, WAP,
Bluetooth, SyncML and USB, allow you to store, print or transfer your
pictures and documents with ease. Document Viewer allows you to read
files intact in Excel, PPT and Word, as well as HTML, PDF and Text
files. What's more, the swift connectivity of the Samsung Z400 even allows you to work offline.

You can avail different Samsung Z400 deals provided by O2, Vodafone
and T-Mobile up to 10 months free line rental on 18 months contract
term. Go through these Samsung Z400 contracts, choose the best suitable
deal and enjoy the 3G experience.

Samsung, Vodafone

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Cost-Effectiveness and Quality with VoIP Phone Systems

The infallible functionality of certain communication devices can
sometimes take you by surprise. Communication devices have been and
still are a means for long distance communication primarily. If we put
that theory aside, we may be surprised by the innovations that have
emerged on the communication market. The multi-functionality of
business telephone systems brings many benefits to corporations and

Plunging into the corporate world and functioning in it require the
good management of a series of aspects. While the diversification of
business operations emerges as probably the most important aspect,
there are other factors to consider, such as cost-effectiveness.

Old-fashioned long distance telephone calls are already a thing of the
past. Making a telephone call across the country is no more expensive
than making a call across the city. Customer service improves
significantly as companies are utilising more and more efficient
transmission methods in cost-effective ways. The VoIP phone systems do
not sacrifice quality in any way. In fact, they enhance it, while
generating significant cost savings.

VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. Initially, VoIP
calling was only possible using computers which had to be equipped with
speakers, microphone and specialised software. Nowadays, VoIP calling
is still made over the Internet, but there is no need for computers
anymore. The only requirements are a broadband connection, a phone
adaptor (which is similar to a modem), traditional or soft phones and
your VoIP phone system is functional.

As opposed to the early VoIP phone calls, which often experienced
'dropouts', the new VoIP phone systems are significantly improved and
provide great call quality, as well as great savings. Furthermore, the
calls made to other VoIP phones are absolutely free, which means that
charges will be reduced significantly and employees will be given the
opportunity to make free calls, provided there is a broadband
connection there.

Hosted IP telephony provides businesses of all sizes with the most
productive telephone system features, which were traditionally
available to large enterprises alone. The hosted IP telephony allows
for business networks to be created and free phone calls to be made
within that network, regardless of the callers' locations. Even if
phone calls are made outside that business network, charges are
significantly reduced, which generates more savings. Furthermore, with
hosted IP telephony, sales teams, customers and home users benefit from
enhanced connectivity.

The hosted VoIP phone systems require a minimal investment, as there is
no need to purchase an expensive PBX. As far as the security of these
systems is concerned, your firewall will not be affected, and each
phone call will reach its destination safely. In addition, there are no
maintenance costs, and the number of users connected to the network can
be altered at any time, with no additional charges.

The VoIP phone systems are already revolutionizing the way companies
and corporations conduct their businesses. The quality of VoIP calling
is the same or even superior to standard calling. What's more, allowing
a large volume of data to be sent over great distances, the VoIP phone
systems are very economical.

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Recover your data from dead hard drive

There are lots of things which happen to our hard drive. This part of
the computer is most prone to failure and it is the most important part
of the computer. Hard drive is used to store valuable information and
we may consider it as a heart of the computer system. Hard drive
failure can occur due to either logical crash or due to physical crash.
So what should we do when our hard drive has suddenly crashed? This
depend on failure which has truck our hard drive.

If the hard
drive spins and suddenly it stops then this going to lead to the
corruption of hard drive and loss of the data. If these things happen
to your hard drive then you should follow these steps which will help
you to recover your data and move your data form old hard drive to new
one before it dies.

* If you are using and IDE drive, you
should check that cable is properly connected. If it has become worn
then you should not hesitate in replacing because it might cause a
short circuit in the cable
* Try using any boot disk to check the
drive, if it is still readable then try to immediately transfer all the
data to the new drive.
* Some times Bad sector on the hard drive
present may lead to hard drive failure. You should download the HDD
generator to find out the bad sector and recover it.
* If the hard drive cannot boot then try data recovery software to recover the lost files.

the hard drive is not spinning at all then you should try some of these
suggestions. You should avoid tapping the hard drive, removing the
cover or exposing the head. As this will leads to loss of data and
making to impossible from recovery.

* You should hold the hard
drive in your hand and try to rotate the platter several times with
great speed, make sure that you should not hit the hard drive with
anything. Rotating the hard drive removed static friction which has
stopped the platters from spinning.
* You can also try out
attaching your hard drive to power supply. Due to high voltage the hard
drive get a jerk and spin for the last time enable you to recover the
* You can also try the freezer technique, although its not
very efficient but some times it works. Wrap your hard drive into the
plastic bag and put it into the freezer for several hours. Hope this
make the hard drive spins.
* If nothing helps you out then you should consult the data recovery service company for hard drive recovery.

Data recovery service is an expensive method of getting back the lost data.Data recovery
service is carried out in the Class 100 Clean Room where with the
indigenously designed tools platter transplantation is done in case of
spindle motor problem.

To avoid this from happening again in
the near future, you make back-ups of all data stored plus take care of
your hard drive properly.

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Nokia N93 is a portable music player

The new Nokia n93 is a portable music player, a digital camera, and
a 3g smart phone combined into one. It has something for everyone--for
the music freaks, for the photography buffs, and for the Internet savvy.

N93 has got so many features that one finds oneself at a loss where to
start. Let us first discuss the design of the phone. The phone's
twist-and-flip design allows the user to keep it in four different
positions. You can keep it one position for taking photographs and
shooting videos, and view the photos and the videos in another
position. For calling you just have to fold open the phone. There are
two displays: internal and external. The external screen is for
displaying basic information like time, date, etc. the internal display
is brilliant (TFT screen with 262K colours). The keypad has one-touch
keys for the camera, zoom, and flash etc. making it easier for the
users to use the phone. Save the weight of the phone, the design is

The camera of the Virgin Mobile
Nokia n93 is perhaps the best one to have been incorporated in a mobile
phone till date. At 3.2 mega pixel (2048x1536 pixels), it is capable of
taking high-resolution photographs. Other remarkable features of the
embedded camera are Carl Zeiss lens, auto focus, macro mode, integrated
flash, and auto exposure. These features could earlier be expected only
in special digital cameras. It is a surprise therefore for many that
Nokia has been able to incorporate these features into the camera of a Nokia phone.

The video recorder of the Nokia
N93 is not far behind the camera when it comes to features. It allows
you to shoot videos in the MPEG-4 or 3GP format. The resolution is good
and the phone also allows you to shoot videos of up to 60 minutes
duration. So you can now make your own movies with the phone and earn
admiration for yourself! Coming to the music player, it supports a
variety of file formats like MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC, and WMA. The sound
output with the supplied stereo headphones is outstanding. The Virgin Mobile
music player also supports play lists and equalizer. There is a stereo
FM radio as well with visual radio support. No surprise, therefore,
that some music freaks are going for the phone just for the music

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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Ipod - The Music Player For All

iPods seem to be taking over the world. One sees them everywhere one goes, being used by adults and children alike. One sees them on the television and in the movies. It seems that people are going insane over them! It is actually not surprising that this little device is attracting such fanatical devotion; it is indeed a fantastic device; it might even be the coolest thing to show up ever!

The iPod is a pocket sized, ultra light hard drive based audio player, designed and marketed by Apple Computers. All the iPod models are user friendly in design, and can be used even by young children. They offer a simple user interface and a scroll wheel to browse the navigation system. Unlike the other portable cassette or CD players, the iPod stores media on in-built memory. What this means is that you do not need to insert a CD or cassette.

An iPod is practical, functional, and cute as well! There are three different sizes and shapes to choose from. There is the skinny little iPod shuffle; the slightly larger but even skinner nano, and the most popular regular iPod that can play all your favorite TV shows and favorite songs.

Some of the other Mp3 players available might have disadvantages if compared to the wonder of the iPod. It is not only a question of how many songs they can hold; the overall quality and the cute look of the little machines are truly matchless. They can hold thousands of songs and pictures, they are so tiny, and they come in such wonderful colors. The iPod mini came in green and pink and blue and other lovely colors. The nano and the iPod now come in white and black. All the colors are hot and look great.

What it has come down to is that when you want to go in for a new music player, you may consider to get an iPod. It will hold hundreds of songs; the battery life is great. You can play it for more than twenty hours before you need to charge it again.

When you buy the iPod, the iTunes software is included in it. This software uploads music and photos in the iPod and it has been likened to a jukebox. The function of this software is to play, store and organize all the music and video files on the iPod. With iTunes, you can connect to the iTunes Music Store and buy music files for playing on the iPod. Although iTunes has been developed by Apple, it will work with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 operating systems. ITunes is also freely downloadable on the web.

Apple Corporation released the iPod in October, 2001. Since then, the iPod has become the biggest selling portable hard disk player. It has sold around twenty million units in 2001-2005. The way the iPod was initially marketed also contributed to its enormous popularity, with excellent ads playing the coolest tunes in the background.

The tiny size of the iPod is its biggest advantage, and you can take it with you wherever you go. This can have its problems, as the iPod is delicate, and the screen and case are prone to scratching, even during normal use. So now a huge market has opened up, offering cases for your iPod to protect it from damage so that you can take it literally anywhere. The cases have options for clips and straps, so your iPod need never leave your side, until you want to put it away yourself.

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Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Apple iPhone To Launch In The UK

Excitement is building with just over a week to wait until the launch of the Apple iPhone in the UK. O2 have signed a deal with Apple which guarantees the network exclusive rights to provide contract deals for the iPhone and will surely produce a huge surge in customers. Other retailers such as The Carphone Warehouse are already providing customers with a preview of the handset price and O2 tariff options.

The Apple iPhone looks fantastic. If fact it is looks and works so good that Apple has decided to base future iPod designs on the iPhone. The touch screen interface is revolutionary in the world of mobile phones. Although it has been done before on other mobile phones and PDA's, it has never been quite in the same style or manner that the iPhone offers. The Apple iPhone brings all the capabilities you would expect from a top of the range iPod including music and video, a 3.5-inch widescreen display, an 8GB flash drive and allows you to connect to your iTunes library. The battery life is far better than a normal mobile phone and allows up to 8 hours talk time. WiFi and GPRS connectivity allow for fast email and Internet browsing within the simple and easy to use Safari browser.

But the Apple iPhone is more about the experience. Apple has spent a lot of time getting their user interface just right and the result is sublime. For starters the iPhone automatically recognises whether you are holding and viewing the phone horizontally or vertically and adjusts the screen accordingly. The touch screen does not only respond to simple button touches but also to finger movements. For example to scroll through your contacts or play lists you simply slide your finger across the screen and the iPhone responds as a computer software program would when you use the scroll bar. There are also certain finger actions which allow you to zoom in and out when viewing web pages or photos. Even the keypad lock is operated by sliding your finger across the phone to prevent you from mistakingly using the iPhone's touch screen buttons. There is one single traditional button at the bottom of the iPhone which allows you to quickly return to the mail menu.

The Apple iPhone only includes a 2 megapixel camera which is far behind the current technology supplied through other mobile phone manufacturers. Surprisingly there is no option to capture video through the iPhone camera which, when you consider that Apple products focus a lot on allowing users to watch video, seems very peculiar. This gives you the feeling that the camera was a last minute add-on and was not entirely thought through properly.

The iPhone breaks the mold and has created a huge jump in mobile phone user interface displays which other mobile phone manufacturers must be scurrying around to try and catch up with Apple. Although there are currently some other fantastic phones on the market, such as the Nokia N95 which offers greater technology, the Apple iPhone is about to become the best selling mobile phone of the year, partly though the hype it has received but mainly because it is such a fantastic revolutionary product.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Data Transfer Made Easy By Pen Drive

Pen drive is the ideal for people who are looking for bigger space to store their data and want an easy-to-operate storage space. Transferring large quantity of data from one computer to the other has always been a problem, mainly due to lack of suitable data storing device. Storage mediums like CD, floppy and e-mails have always failed us in urgent times because of their shortcomings like small storage and large time-consumption for data transfer.

Pen drive is the best solution to end this problem. These USB flash drives are integrated with a USB interface. They are small, removable, lightweight and rewritable. Their main advantages over other storage devices are that they are faster, more compact, can hold more data and are much more reliable thanks to their durable designs and lack of moving parts. It is the revolution of pen drives that more and more computers are being made without the floppy drive while the USB port has to be present on almost every mainstream computer and laptop.

A pen drive consists of a printed circuit board generally in a metal or plastic. The memory storage of pen drives range from the usual to 250MB to 2GB or more. It is as small as a key-ring. For the pen drive to work, both the computer should be USB-compatible systems.

Pen drives are faster to use than downloading data through e-mail and easier than using dozens of floppies. Pen drives can store data, video and audio files, with plug and play ease. The best feature of a Pen Drive is you don`t need any software to make it work thus simplifying your work of copying or transferring. Moreover, it also does not require any type of battery. These features make the pen drive totally portable.

You don`t need to install pen drive for Windows 2000, XP or ME as it is done automatically by the operating system. But for Windows 95/98/98SE, you need to install the drivers manually.

These pen drives are most popular amongst system and network administrators. They can load them with information about configuration and software that can be used for the system`s maintenance, recovery and troubleshooting. They also enjoy noteworthy success in the field of PC repair as a mean for transferring recovery as well as antivirus software to infected computers, and also allowing a segment of the data of host machine to be archived for emergency cases.

Pen drives act as Application carriers and are utilized to carry applications for running on the host computer without installation. Some applications that use this technique are U3 and airWRX. An open software platform, Portableapps also allows similar functionality on non-U3 drives. But undoubtedly the most common use of pen drive is for personal data transportation you can transport and store your personal files like documents, videos and pictures. You can also store certain medical alert data on Medic Tag flash drives to be used in case of emergencies and for preparation of disaster. Apart from this, pen drives are used in Audio players.

Pen drives present a considerable security challenge for big organizations. Their ease of use and small size allows unsupervised guests or unscrupulous staff to smuggle off confidential data with little or no chance of detection. To avoid this, some flash drives have features like encryption of data stored on them. This is a preventive measure to stop an unauthorized person from gaining access to the stored data stored. Newer pen drives support the biometric fingerprinting for confirming the user`s identity. This process though costlier is a better way to protect sensitive data from leaking out.

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Friday, October 26, 2007

Enjoy The Technology Of A VoIP USB Phone

The advent of the Internet made communicating with the rest of the world extremely easy. Instead of having to pay through the nose for a long distance phone call that lasts five minutes, an individual could simply type out an email message and send it to his or her friend's inbox in an instant. However, that technology has now gone one step further. You can now make actual voice calls over the Internet using a VOIP USB phone or headset. VOIP stands for Voice Over Internet Protocol and is one of the newer mediums of communication that involves opening a connection and dialling another VOIP user in order to have a conversation. It has revolutionized the way in which we communicate today and has made life easier for many businesses.

In terms of being able to make VOIP calls, you only need four pieces of equipment to get starter - a computer, VOIP software, the capability to connect to the Internet and a USB headset or phone. The latter is very important if you want to be able to talk to people on the other end! The majority of new computer operating systems have the ability to accept USB connectivity, thus making the USB device the device of choice.

A USB handset seems to be the choice of many a user for a number of reasons, including the following:

* They are relatively cheap - USB headsets and VOIP headsets can be relatively expensive when it comes to purchasing a way and means of talking over the Internet. They are extremely fashionable and extremely desirable for business owners because they promote efficiency. As a result, USB phones happen to be a lot cheaper. They can be purchased for next to nothing in various stores. They do not have the operating system attached to the phone like a landline does, and that is what pushes up the overall cost. A USB phone therefore is less in terms of cost but you can get just as much out of it!

* Tried and tested method of calling - Everyone knows how to use a phone. It is not difficult because the mechanism on every single phone is roughly the same. Sure, they have different features and can take a little figuring out as a result, but they are all basically the same. This makes the transition that little bit easier.

* Ease of connection and use - With a VOIP phone, you just plug it in to the computer's USB drive, place the appropriate installation disk into the disk drive, follow the instructions and away you go! It really is that simple. If problems do occur, they can usually be solved b reading the troubleshooting section of the manual.

* Personal comfort - The majority of people prefer to have a phone than a headset at their disposal. As we actively rebel against change, the phone is the best VOIP option because it will make the process of Internet calling much simpler an easier to get used to as a result of the familiarity.

VOIP is definitely the new trend in terms of easy communication and the VOIP USB phone definitely has its advantages and benefits, but how do you decide between those available for purchase on the market? If USB phones are associated with all of the benefits above then surely the brand and model you choose cannot make that much difference to you calling experience? Believe it or not, they can!

There are a number of things that separate the individual USB phones from each other and make it that little bit easier to choose between them, including:

* The features - As with every technological innovation, some phones are better than others in terms of features. Some have the same functionality and capabilities as more advances telephones in that they have inbuilt volume controls, mute functionality, address book and so on. However, the majority of them do not have features quite this advanced yet and are simple to operate. Your choice would depend on how comfortable you are using a more complex USB phone. Consumer reviews may help you to decide what you do need and what you do not need, as well as how much you are willing to give up in terms of convenience and ease of use for features.

* The system requirements - Some USB phones have certain system requirements. The general rule is that older systems cannot sustain the new phone systems, but newer computer packages should give you access to the whole range.

* Visual appeal - Of course, the visual appeal of a VOIP phone always plays a part! If you like the look of a phone then you will be more likely to use it! As a race, humans are shallow so of course this will affect your choice.

* Pricing - Some USB phones are much more expensive than others. This may play a part in your decision if you happen to be on a tight budget. Always compare pricing before you choose your phone because the difference between the cheapest and the most expensive is vast!

Deciding on a VOIP USB phone may not be easy but making the right decision can make the difference between enjoying the experience and truly hating it. Of course, this could then be the difference between using VOIP and returning to your regular landline connection!

The world Of VoIP Telephony

The entire telecommunication industry is swept over by the wave of voice over IP telephony services. This relatively new, revolutionary technology has proven to be beneficial to all the sectors across varied industries. The changing and growing communication demands of the industry could be fulfilled by this one technology single handedly.

VoIP telephony services take care of all the aspects of communication and are thus one of the most reliable and flexible technologies ever invented. Its chief advantage can be said to be its cost-effective feature. This is the prime reason for both industry and residentials opting for it. Broadband VoIP internet telephony is giving the advantage of using the telephony service to clients across the globe at almost half the price than they would pay for using traditional public switch telephone network along with as good voice quality as with PSTN. Another advantage of VoIP telephony is that it helps to unify the entire communication across the globe. Being location independent one can easily use it even from a remote place with the help of a broadband connection, a computer or an IP phone with an ATA adapter.

VoIP telephony providers offer voice over IP telephony services to corporates and residentials, one stop business solutions to corporates and contact centers, and wholesale carrier services and VoIP reseller programs. Almost every business can utilise the services of b>VoIP to the benefit of their organisation. For instance, ISP and ITSP's can pre-set voice over Internet protocol services on their broadband connection and telephony services thereby providing a complete solution to the telephony and Internet needs of their clients. This bundled up service is profitable to the end consumer also because by buying a bundled up services a client has to pay lesser than what he would have to pay separately.

Similarly, contact centers can transmit their calls using voice over IP telephony services. As a result, they will end up saving a lot on their telephone bills. Similarly network integrators, software and hardware solutions providers too can equip their services with Internet telephony and increase their product line. End customer or residentials are looking for one step solution to all their requirements and whenever a single provider is able to satisfy that need, the customer will be more than willing to take services from that provider.

Using A VoIP Phone System

The VOIP phone system is one of the latest technological innovations that can be found in the workplace. The Internet undoubtedly revolutionized the way businesses work and individuals spend their free time. The Voice Over Internet Protocol allows you to make calls over the Internet rather than using traditional methods of telephoning other people. However, few people know about the ins and the outs of the technology and so the following article will give you a little insight into what it is, what it can do and how you use it! By the time you have finished reading, you will have more than enough basic knowledge to use a VOIP system effectively.


In order to be able to use a VOIP system, you first need to obtain a computer. Without a computer it is extremely difficult to make VOIP calls. There are some mobile devices that allow VOIP functionality but they are less widely used and not as convenient. A computer will give you access to all of the free Internet-based calling services out there. If you have a computer, simply log on to the Internet and search for VOIP software. The majority of it can be downloaded for free, which makes up for the fact that you will have to purchase a VOIP compatible headset. The headset will incorporate the microphone and the earpiece so you can then begin to chat as and when you are ready to begin.

How Does VOIP Work?

When you call an individual over a VOIP phone system, you are literally calling him or her over the Internet. The technology behind the call itself is very similar to that used to transport your voice over a phone line, with the main difference being that it is carried through your broadband connection instead! If you still happen to be on a dial-up connection then it is doubtful that VOIP will work for you.

As there are various different VOIP services available, the operation of the phone system itself for each one may be unique. There are certainly marked differences between them, although they all benefit from the same functionality. In order to make sure that your computer is compatible and you can actually use the system you choose effectively, you should always read the user guide that comes with it. That way, if you do have any questions in advance, you can find out the answers before you start.


Calling on a VOIP system can be much cheaper than using a traditional landline and, in some cases, may even be free. Other individuals that have the same VOIP system as you, Skype for example, can make calls to you and receive them from you for free. However, if you are calling a user on another VOIP system or a traditional landline phone then you will be charged for the call itself. However, you should check out your calling options in advance. Some services offer different tariffs, much like a mobile phone company. You can choose to pay a monthly fee or opt to pay for the calls that you make, as you make them. Some services also add an extra charge if you want to receive calls from landlines.

It may come as a surprise to find out that VOIP may cost you, and that may initially put you off, but it works out a lot cheaper than using a landline or a mobile phone. In fact, it can be less than half of the cost, depending on how you use your service! However, some services are more expensive than others so be sure to check the tariffs in advance.


Quality may be an issue with existing VOIP services because the actual phone system does not have to adhere to any minimum standards. This is because he technology is so new that none have been set as yet. This could mean that the quality of certain calls would be poor, but you have nobody to officially complain to so be prepared!

As previously mentioned, the quality is also poor on dial-up connections so it may not be well suited to the equipment you have. This also applies to the operating system of your computer. Some VOIP systems cannot be used on older systems because they are not technologically advanced enough to be able to handle it.

Finally, if you have a limit on the amount of data you can download per month then VOIP may cause you a few problems. VOIP uses data to transport your voice and the person you are calling's voice. As a result, it counts towards that limit and may actually use it up much more quickly than the applications you already use and surfing habits that you already have do. It is not hard to use 50MB+ up in an hour of chat! Be aware of this before you begin to make VOIP calls because you may want to rethink your package.

VOIP phone systems are most definitely the way to go in terms of the future of communication. They are convenient to use, as well as fairly cheap. However, you should always explore your options and read the documentation and user guide before beginning because this could save you a lot of hassle in the future!

Why the Flight from On Premise to On Demand CRM Software?

Right now small, medium and large sized businesses all over the world are swiftly outgrowing their On-premise software solutions with hopes of finding a platform that meets their evolving needs. What are companies switching to? Hosted web-based CRM Software Solutions. This is the choice of so many companies today because of its vast features and ability to streamline workflow processes while maintaining a single database repository allowing for real-time information updates.

From the point the market place started becoming more global and less local there have been needs for advanced business software, something that can keep up with the fast passed market and also continually advance as-well. This is where hosted On-demand Customer Relationship Management Software, also known as CRM Software, comes in to play. CRM Software offers businesses exactly what they need; something they once went to traditional on premise software for now can be achieved with hosted CRM software. People may wonder why change to hosted CRM Software when on premise software is working fine. There are many reasons to make this change an easy decision and this is illustrated in the large number businesses now electing for hosted CRM Software.

According to Forrester study, CRM Software and services experienced growth of 7% from 2005 to 2006 to reach roughly $8.4 billion, growth of this market is believed to remain steady reaching an estimated $10.9 billion by 2010. Meanwhile other researchers estimate CRM Software and services to grow to $18 billion by 2010.

With on premise software comes many draw backs; extensive customization needs, high cost of start up, slow return on investment (ROI), upgrades, infrastructure of servers and maintenance of them. These are the reasons so many people are making the move towards hosted CRM Software, with cost said to be the biggest factor.

From the point a company decides it needs some form of business management software, or needs to upgrade its platform, one of the first things thought of is the great cost to get their new software in place. Hosted CRM Software breaks the traditional ways by offering Software-as-a-Service, or SaaS, which means a business only pays for what they need. Opposed to traditional boxed software, hosted CRM Software offers a variety of options allowing a company to have their platform up and running just how they want it, with no unused options. Being a SaaS also means there is no large upfront cost, it is paid for on a monthly basis determined by the number of users. For example offers its CRM Software solutions starting at $40/user/month, while Salesforce offers its CRM Software solutions starting at $65/user/month. This is pleasing to companies because the cost of this software doesn't come from their capital budget, rather they can use operational expenses.

Once a company has decided to make the commitment to hosted CRM Software solutions they quickly see why it was a smart decision. Customization of your platform is easy and can often be done within days or weeks instead of months and years with on premise software. There is no need to spend a large amount of money on a box of software upfront or for onsite servers or the maintenance of them. Hosted CRM Software is sold as Software-as-a-Service, meaning you only pay for what you need and it's typically a pay as you go monthly fee. Since there is a low cost of start up, a company's ROI is much faster then traditional software. With this form, upgrades typically happen 4 to 5 times a year and are automatic, also being web based means soon as the upgrade is out, your automatically working with it.

While you work with your CRM Software different vendors are constantly working on upgrading and streamlining their platforms workflow, for example Microsoft, Salesforce and are due to release their new platforms in the near future. According to a release by their new platform V9 is said to streamline workflow to a new level, "Highlights include AJAX drag-and-drop layout and workflow Studios, Order and Inventory Management, Web 2.0 mash-ups, and upgrades to the Web Services API" are to be included.

Before a company is running smoothly with any new CRM Software it typically needs to be tailored to best suit their workflow processes. With traditional on premise software this was a big undertaking and could require months or years to complete. Hosted on demand CRM Software makes this process quick and easy often being completed in days or weeks. This means a company is spending less time trying to make their software work for them and more time working with their software, allowing them to get back to what's important.

The user interface developed by many hosted CRM Software vendors, such as, makes it possible for administrators to easily customize the platform themselves with options like custom tabs.

Traditionally, businesses required large IT departments to set in place and maintain servers and worry about security of their data. These tasks are no longer in the hands of individual businesses; CRM Software vendors handle all these issues at no extra cost. This comes as a relief and ensures that your company is always working on the most up to date system without worrying about their own infrastructure becoming out of date.

When a company purchases traditional on premise software they spend a lot of time working on an out of date platform and often must pay for upgrades. In today's fast growing market, receiving software once a year does not provide companies with the most efficient platform. With hosted CRM Software updates are typically released 4 to 5 times a year and are seamlessly incorporated in the existing platform in real time. Being web hosted online, once an update is released everyone is now working with the most up to date software platform, usually at no extra cost.

The ability to pay for hosted CRM Software per month allows for a much faster ROI, especially since the platform can be up and running so quickly. This feature is excellent for small to medium sized businesses who don't work with the budget of their larger competitors, giving them a chance to level the playing field and enjoy the same great benefits of a unified database and streamlined workflow processes. A fast ROI is also made possible because there is no need to have infrastructure on site like servers to store information; this is left up to the CRM Software vendors. Since the use of this infrastructure comes with your purchase of hosted CRM Software, it relieves a company from having to deal with the costs of maintenance and security, freeing up a companies own IT department.

These are a few of the key reasons why hosted on-demand CRM Software solutions are an excellent choice for today's businesses, who want to achieve the best workflow with a custom business management solution. The largest reason so many companies have made the move towards hosted CRM Software is the low price of operating it and the ability to pass off the worry about up keeping their technology, since all they need is an internet connection.

by : Josh W

about the author:
I am a graduate of Cape Breton University with a B.A. double major in communication and political science. Always having an interest in business management lead me to becoming a freelance writer for various Customer Relationship Management sites as-well as keeping up regular blogs. I encourage feedback on articles and blogs written, I'm always trying to increase my knowledge of this rapidly growing CRM Software market.

Solar Power Your Wireless Laptop and Go Green

Solar power for remote computing is finally catching on. It is working for everyone from the cross-country cyclist and weekend camper, to regular working stiffs that have to rough it on the job.

Many mobile computer users are going "green" with their lappies on the road. Extreme, or remote computing no longer seems too far fetched. Many professionals enjoy rugged recreational activities, but have to stay wired to the job or business.

Solar power is not just a possibility, but could be a necessity for those that go remote. Solar panels are used to collect solar energy for direct use or storage in batteries to power up later.

Here is how solar, or photovoltaic energy is realized from the "How Stuff Works" website. If you are not an electrical engineer or scientist of some sort, don't be surprised if this does make light bulbs go off in your head. You can always come back and do further research on the Internet.

"The solar cells that you see on calculators and satellites are photovoltaic cells or modules (modules are simply a group of cells electrically connected and packaged in one frame). Photovoltaics, as the word implies (photo = light, voltaic = electricity), convert sunlight directly into electricity. Once used almost exclusively in space, photovoltaics are used more and more in less exotic ways. They could even power your house. How do these devices work?

Photovoltaic (PV) cells are made of special materials called semiconductors such as silicon, which is currently the most commonly used. Basically, when light strikes the cell, a certain portion of it is absorbed within the semiconductor material. This means that the energy of the absorbed light is transferred to the semiconductor. The energy knocks electrons loose, allowing them to flow freely. PV cells also all have one or more electric fields that act to force electrons freed by light absorption to flow in a certain direction. This flow of electrons is a current, and by placing metal contacts on the top and bottom of the PV cell, we can draw that current off to use externally. For example, the current can power a calculator. This current, together with the cell's voltage (which is a result of its built-in electric field or fields), defines the power (or wattage) that the solar cell can produce."

To continue, we will discuss the smaller hand held devices for cell phones and PDAs, all the way to powerful self-contained and fully remote commercial solar systems. Here are several links that describe the use of solar power for mobile computers and other wireless devices from the Do-It-Yourself perspective.


DIY Solar System for $180

How To - Laptop Solar Power

Hand Held Solar Kits Solar kits are designed to be self-contained. They combine solar cells, rechargeable batteries, and a wide selection of cables. These won't power a portable laptop yet unless it's a miser on energy, but they will keep you connected with a limitless power supply for your cell phones, Smart phones, PDAs, and smaller devices. As long as the sun is shining, or the batteries are charged up, you will have power.

Many purists will argue anything solar is not really "green", either because it will never be energy positive (will never generate more power than it took to manufacture), or because it has a battery, making it environmentally unfriendly by default.

Arguments aside, at issue for rugged and remote users is a reliable power source, and having some sense of being connected. So, solar charging devices can be considered either as "convenience efficient" or "emergency efficient". Don't take this as a challenge to engineer types that will want to get their slide rules out, just a notation that these solar kits are an honest attempt at the "plus" column for reducing the human carbon footprint. Wider adoption and acceptance of new technology usually results in greater efficiencies.

Two promising examples that have had good reviews are the reasonably affordable products from Solar Style Dot Com, and the pricier Solio Dot Com. Do a search on YouTube and you will find many videos of Solio in action. If it did not work, we would know it by now.

Portable Solar Power Docking Stations

The idea of using solar power in remote situations is nothing new. The question for us is how well, and how fast, a solar power station will power up your notebook or laptop. Other considerations are the size, weight, and portability. You will find many products in this category, but few online reviews that confirm that these products will actually perform as advertised. The best source I have found for honest reviews in this regard is

There are very few winners in the category of a portable solar power docking station to efficiently run a laptop computer. One that does get good reviews on the subject is the "PowerDock System".

Do an online search for PowerDock System, and you will find many retailers and dealers at different price points. So be patient and shop around. Your Mobile Desk Dot Com is the best resource for a complete descriptions of the PowerDock product line. These include from the least expensive to the most expensive: PowerDock Lite, PowerDock Basic. PowerDock Executive, and PowerDock Elite.

Power Dock Systems are relatively expensive, and range in price form a few hundred dollars on up to $450.00. The PowerDock is an attractive product design and weighs in form 5 to 13.5 pounds.

Another potential winner is the Notepower Solar Laptop Charger from Sierra Solar Systems. You will see the Notepower Solar Charger pop up along with the PowerDock in a search engine query for these type of solar products. Plug in the SmartAdapter with the extended 10 foot cord included, and start charging or topping off your computer battery as long as sunshine is available.

Once again, this is not a review recommendation, but the Notepower has had favorable comments by and other reliable sources, giving no pause to mention it here. The 3 lb. Notepower is not designed with a storage battery, but the 20-30 watts of power will charge and run most laptop computers, according to the specs.

You may not consider the Notepower as a true solar docking station, but it is an attractive portable solar package for a temporary power solution. Originally priced around $250.00.

Commercial and Military Grade Solar Power Systems

Some of the best remote solar power systems are designed to meet military standards. You could even say that anything designed for military use is pretty much guaranteed to perform. These systems will compliment anything in the fully rugged notebook computer category.

Energy Technologies, Inc. in Ohio, USA makes a wide assortment of military standard power equipment for field use. Things like field deployable inverters, converters, UPS, engine-generators, along with solar power stations with the trade name Tactical Solar Products.

The product features for these Tactical Solar Products include various combinations of charge controllers, power storage batteries, AC/DC power adapters, multiple DC outputs, and a large selection of folding solar panels. The specific product line is the Solar Suitcase I, Solar Suitcase II, Solar Suitcase III, Solar Suitcase IV, along with the folding SolarTacticalPanels.

Solar Suitcases I-IV can charge Lead Acid, Li-Ion, NiCad, NiMH & other types of rechargeable batteries. The nearly bullet proof folding solar collection panels are available from a 15 Watt to a hefty 330 Watt output panel set. This is "green power", but you are out of luck if you prefer a color other than the two camouflage patterns available.

You will have to call ETI for costs, as product pricing is not published on the ETI websites.

Computing Solar Power Wrap-up

We have looked at several of the many possibilities for solar power, and going "green" with remote computing. The possibilities are becoming more reliable and starting to make more economic sense. You can try to go solar and Do-It-Yourself, or for the less technically inclined there is a wide range of retail and commercial applications for sale. We have attempted to highlight a few of the proven DIY options, and find some of the readily available products, and systems from various online reviews.

Here are a few solar power resource websites you may want to keep an eye on:,, and You are sure to find more now and in the future with your online searches. Amazing products are already available and in the marketplace for solar power options. As energy costs and energy conservation continue to gain interest as mainstream issues, we should see rapid development of solar integrated design features. Soon it may be a standard feature and part of everyday portable computers.

Let's hope solar power catches on with everyone, not just those using rugged notebooks and remote computing,

Monday, October 22, 2007

PSP iPod Video Converter

Do you own both an iPod and PSP unit? Well, I believe most people do own both PSP and iPod just like I do and you have both gadgets and are wondering or wanting to know how you can watch your movies and videos. I will share with you how I have done it.

When I started looking into how to watch movies and videos on both devices, I begin searching for PSP and iPod video converters. Needless to say there are many PSP video converters and iPod video converters that anyone can find over the internet. And most video converters which I had encountered provide conversion of videos and movies to PSP or iPod and I ending up buying and downloading both video converters.

Free PSP and/or iPod video converters can also be found from the internet and there are thousands and thousands of websites offering PSP and iPod video converter. To gain your attention, most will look like offering free PSP and/or iPod video converter from the search engine results. These websites will offer anyone free PSP and/or iPod video and movie converter and it comes under a free trial period or limited video converting functions or poor video quality conversion. To truly enjoy and to have a decent video converter, you need to invest for a tool that gives you the convenience.

In investing on the video converter, it does not really cost much but in fact it is really quite affordable ranging somewhere below $30 for most video converters. And if you are willing to invest in a proper video converter, most can converts lots of video formats for both PSP and iPod. You don't even need to have different video converter just because you having both PSP and iPod. For the range of under $30 you will be able to find video converters that will be able to perform conversion for most PC video format. Some can even have the function of ripping or converting videos or movies straight from your DVDs. Giving you the choice of watching your favorite movies and/or video on your PSP or iPod no matter which device you wish to carry along wherever you maybe.

The most useful trick when anyone is converting their video or movies is to convert their videos and/or movies when they are sleeping, wasting none of your precious waking moment. Ever consider batch conversion for all your favorite videos and movies, this function will allow anyone to convert multiple movies or videos files in series or one after another. Leaving your computer working through the night while you sleep and completing the conversion when you wakeup.

Personally I'm satisfied with using "WinAVI 3GP/MP4/PSP/iPod Video Converter" for all these functions that I had mention earlier. Most of my video files are DivX, XviD, MOV, rm, rmvb, MPEG, VOB, DVD, WMV, AVI. Does any of these video or movie file format looks familiar to you? Chances are if you are converting videos and/or movies files, it could likely one of above file formats and they are widely used for your personal computers. Spend sometime and look or search for your ideal PSP and iPod video converter as most of them offer quite similar functions with only a few would standout for their unique functions.

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Sony KDL-32V20000 TV - Elegant As Ever and Pretty Damn Good

With the Festive Season approaching it is one of the busiest times of the year, especially regarding the TV, and DVD Industry as we all try and make sure that we don't miss the latest TV Films. The aim of this article is to help you make your mind up if you are interested in buying a Sony KDL-32V20000.

Purchasing a new TV today is an important decision. The idea of parting with what could be a couple of hundred notes does tend to concentrate the mind somewhat.

The way that technology changes so quickly nowadays you would be wise to consider carefully any investment and try and ensure that it remains compliant with all possible standards.

Television over the years has taken a great number of forms from the old days of analogue Black and White, through the launch of colour television to the latest technologies known as Digital Television (DTT). Other ways have been devised to receive digital television. Among the most familiar to people are digital cable and digital satellite. In some countries where transmissions of TV signals are normally achieved by microwaves, digital MMDS is used.

With this article the aim is to take a look at what is on offer with the latest generation of Flat Screen Televisions and in this case the Sony KDL-32V20000.

The KDL-32V20000 is a 32in LCD TV and the prices for these are around 1300 pounds sterling or 2600 US dollars. The resolution of the screen is 1366 X 768 and with regards to being HD Ready the answer is yes. The Sony has 2 (2 RGB) scarts and the type and number of Multimedia interfaces the KDL-32V20000 uses is HDMI and 1. The type of Tuner for this TV is Analogue and Digital and the Sony is available from a wide variety of outlets.

So given this information, what would be our view of the Sony KDL-32V20000?

Well to start with our score for the picture quality is 10 out of 10, next we would look at the sound quality and our view of this would be 10 out of 10. Taking a look at the number of relevant connections and their availability, our score would be 8 out of 10. As far as overall features are concerned we would give it 10 out 8 out 8 out and for ease of use and overall value for money we would give it, 10 out 8 out 8 out and 8 out of 10 respectively.

Taking everything into consideration our overall view of the package would be this TV is very bit as elegant as the rest of the TV's from Sony and has a performance to match. The visuals are a joy to behold with good performances across the board. The audio is pretty damn good also and the speaker system give a performance that is almost unrivalled. OK the price is slightly more than contemporary units from other manufacturers but in this case we feel that this would be money well spent - always assuming that you had access to the funds in the first place.

The fact is that given the wide variety of models and makes available today you should find something that suites your needs as well as your wallet.

The important thing to remember here is that with regards to the Sony KDL-32V20000, this is only our opinion and an independent view and does not imply an official endorsement of the Sony KDL-32V20000 either way, good or bad.

Please bear in mind the prices that are quoted in this article and take note that they are there purely for illustration and though valid at the time of the writing of the article may vary from time to time and also depending on the time of year when you make your purchase.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

What We Need to Know on General Technology

Cellular phones have really grown big. They offer lots of features that can keep you hooked on one the whole day. Some of the features are camera's that allow you to take photos when ever you like and store them on your phone. Examples of the cellular phones that have a built camera in cell phone are great phones like SPH-a600 digital camera cell phone by Samsung that also allows accessing the web and Samsung SGHV-205. Considering the further improvements in the cell phone camera technology it can be stated here that some cell phones have incorporated conventional CCD imaging units that are still used in most digital cameras today.

Wholesale contact management software offers several customized features such as sales processing, customer care, marketing, accounting management and ERP. Auto sales contact management software has many features. With auto sales contact management software, the volume of sales for a given date can be easily determined.

Radio has been lagging for some years now, seeming to be a dinosaur compared to streaming internet radio, pod casting, XM satellite radio, and the plethora of other technologies that have reared their heads in the past 10 years. Thanks to the dawn of the internet, art in America has experienced a renaissance of sorts, with new, talented and important young and aspiring artists making a name for them selves every month and with the long-suffering art galleries finally getting a taste of commercial success.

Personal data relates to data of living individuals who can be identified from those data, or from those data and other information which is in the possession of the data controller or which is likely to come into its possession for example, names, addresses and home telephone numbers of employees. Almost everything is done in a law firm today, from email to preparing court documents to billing clients and keeping their information current, requires the use of the computer through which electronic data is generated. Data Protection is the area of Law that Governs what may or may not be done with personal information.

But if you want a good solid business that people really like and one, which pays you every single day then a mobile car wash company might be an idea for you because most other customers pay on the spot. Often when you are running a mobile car wash business customers or bystanders will see you working and see you collecting cash from people in the parking lot whose car to wash. We all know that it is easy to get cars to wash for mobile carwash companies because most people own a car and if you work in business districts all day there are plenty of customers everywhere you can wash.

Imagine, VOIP has been declared by greats like Forbes. The question of whether VoIP will take over from the way most of us make calls is certainly debatable. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is fast becoming the way for the world to communicate and the VoIP market jungle is full of weeds wanting to become trees.

The technology changes so fast that learning how to buy a digital camera is an art in and of itself. What happens is the camera changes its focus from usually a fair way in front of it to abut 30 cm in front to get good clear digital photos up close. In order to get good, clear close up digital photography images you first have to work with a short depth of field (only the closest thing is in focus) and add some macro lenses so your subject that is in focus retains sharpness and clarity.

While reading through the Bluetooth headset reviews, keep in mind that any negative remarks may not be all true. Logically, one could also anticipate that Bluetooth Computer Headsets will be less expensive to manufacture than their cellular telephone headset counterparts due primarily to the fact that a far lesser degree of miniaturization will be required. Initially, one can anticipate that Bluetooth Computer Headsets will be relatively expensive when compared to their 'corded' counterparts.