Thursday, December 13, 2007

Samsung SCH-U520

The Samsung SCH-U520 brings XM satellite radio to your mobile phone. Other major features on this phone include television, an MP3 player and a 1.3 megapixel camera.
The Samsung SCH-U520, itself, is a slim phone with a 1” width and a 2.96 ounce weight. Many features fit inside this compact 3.74” X 1.92” frame - which fits comfortably in both the hand and the pocket. The external 176 X 16 pixel display permits you to view who is calling on the outside of the flip - while the internal 176 X 220 pixel 262K color display is perfect for viewing pictures and video.
Since Alltel wireless provides axcess TV and axcess radio services to your SCH-U520, you can listen to any 20 of your favorite XM radio station and television provided by Alltel right on your cell phone. The SCH-U520 is a stylish, compact way to enjoy entertainment while on the run - not only can you access the radio and television, but you can also play music through the embedded MP3 player. Simply store music files on the additional microSD and play them with the SCH-U520’s powerful built-in speakers or wired headphones.
The phone’s Bluetooth capability also allows you to access your phonebook through voice command and talk to your contacts with your headset. Plus, the SCH-U520 comes equipped with a built-in 1.3 megapixel camera with flash. Aside from various color options and quality settings, the camera also features an 8X zoom for far-away shots. The camera also allows you to record clips with sound and offers a set of editing options that are similar to a still camera. You can store as much video as your 65MB of internal memory permits, and with the advanced SMS, EMS and MMS messaging capabilities, you can send up to 15 seconds of video to friends and family.
As you can see, the Samsung SCH-U520 offers some powerful high tech features for a conveniently sized cell phone.

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