Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Nokia N93 is a portable music player

The new Nokia n93 is a portable music player, a digital camera, and
a 3g smart phone combined into one. It has something for everyone--for
the music freaks, for the photography buffs, and for the Internet savvy.

N93 has got so many features that one finds oneself at a loss where to
start. Let us first discuss the design of the phone. The phone's
twist-and-flip design allows the user to keep it in four different
positions. You can keep it one position for taking photographs and
shooting videos, and view the photos and the videos in another
position. For calling you just have to fold open the phone. There are
two displays: internal and external. The external screen is for
displaying basic information like time, date, etc. the internal display
is brilliant (TFT screen with 262K colours). The keypad has one-touch
keys for the camera, zoom, and flash etc. making it easier for the
users to use the phone. Save the weight of the phone, the design is

The camera of the Virgin Mobile
Nokia n93 is perhaps the best one to have been incorporated in a mobile
phone till date. At 3.2 mega pixel (2048x1536 pixels), it is capable of
taking high-resolution photographs. Other remarkable features of the
embedded camera are Carl Zeiss lens, auto focus, macro mode, integrated
flash, and auto exposure. These features could earlier be expected only
in special digital cameras. It is a surprise therefore for many that
Nokia has been able to incorporate these features into the camera of a Nokia phone.

The video recorder of the Nokia
N93 is not far behind the camera when it comes to features. It allows
you to shoot videos in the MPEG-4 or 3GP format. The resolution is good
and the phone also allows you to shoot videos of up to 60 minutes
duration. So you can now make your own movies with the phone and earn
admiration for yourself! Coming to the music player, it supports a
variety of file formats like MP3, AAC, AAC+, eAAC, and WMA. The sound
output with the supplied stereo headphones is outstanding. The Virgin Mobile
music player also supports play lists and equalizer. There is a stereo
FM radio as well with visual radio support. No surprise, therefore,
that some music freaks are going for the phone just for the music

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