Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Recover your data from dead hard drive

There are lots of things which happen to our hard drive. This part of
the computer is most prone to failure and it is the most important part
of the computer. Hard drive is used to store valuable information and
we may consider it as a heart of the computer system. Hard drive
failure can occur due to either logical crash or due to physical crash.
So what should we do when our hard drive has suddenly crashed? This
depend on failure which has truck our hard drive.

If the hard
drive spins and suddenly it stops then this going to lead to the
corruption of hard drive and loss of the data. If these things happen
to your hard drive then you should follow these steps which will help
you to recover your data and move your data form old hard drive to new
one before it dies.

* If you are using and IDE drive, you
should check that cable is properly connected. If it has become worn
then you should not hesitate in replacing because it might cause a
short circuit in the cable
* Try using any boot disk to check the
drive, if it is still readable then try to immediately transfer all the
data to the new drive.
* Some times Bad sector on the hard drive
present may lead to hard drive failure. You should download the HDD
generator to find out the bad sector and recover it.
* If the hard drive cannot boot then try data recovery software to recover the lost files.

the hard drive is not spinning at all then you should try some of these
suggestions. You should avoid tapping the hard drive, removing the
cover or exposing the head. As this will leads to loss of data and
making to impossible from recovery.

* You should hold the hard
drive in your hand and try to rotate the platter several times with
great speed, make sure that you should not hit the hard drive with
anything. Rotating the hard drive removed static friction which has
stopped the platters from spinning.
* You can also try out
attaching your hard drive to power supply. Due to high voltage the hard
drive get a jerk and spin for the last time enable you to recover the
* You can also try the freezer technique, although its not
very efficient but some times it works. Wrap your hard drive into the
plastic bag and put it into the freezer for several hours. Hope this
make the hard drive spins.
* If nothing helps you out then you should consult the data recovery service company for hard drive recovery.

Data recovery service is an expensive method of getting back the lost data.Data recovery
service is carried out in the Class 100 Clean Room where with the
indigenously designed tools platter transplantation is done in case of
spindle motor problem.

To avoid this from happening again in
the near future, you make back-ups of all data stored plus take care of
your hard drive properly.

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