Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Cost-Effectiveness and Quality with VoIP Phone Systems

The infallible functionality of certain communication devices can
sometimes take you by surprise. Communication devices have been and
still are a means for long distance communication primarily. If we put
that theory aside, we may be surprised by the innovations that have
emerged on the communication market. The multi-functionality of
business telephone systems brings many benefits to corporations and

Plunging into the corporate world and functioning in it require the
good management of a series of aspects. While the diversification of
business operations emerges as probably the most important aspect,
there are other factors to consider, such as cost-effectiveness.

Old-fashioned long distance telephone calls are already a thing of the
past. Making a telephone call across the country is no more expensive
than making a call across the city. Customer service improves
significantly as companies are utilising more and more efficient
transmission methods in cost-effective ways. The VoIP phone systems do
not sacrifice quality in any way. In fact, they enhance it, while
generating significant cost savings.

VoIP is the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. Initially, VoIP
calling was only possible using computers which had to be equipped with
speakers, microphone and specialised software. Nowadays, VoIP calling
is still made over the Internet, but there is no need for computers
anymore. The only requirements are a broadband connection, a phone
adaptor (which is similar to a modem), traditional or soft phones and
your VoIP phone system is functional.

As opposed to the early VoIP phone calls, which often experienced
'dropouts', the new VoIP phone systems are significantly improved and
provide great call quality, as well as great savings. Furthermore, the
calls made to other VoIP phones are absolutely free, which means that
charges will be reduced significantly and employees will be given the
opportunity to make free calls, provided there is a broadband
connection there.

Hosted IP telephony provides businesses of all sizes with the most
productive telephone system features, which were traditionally
available to large enterprises alone. The hosted IP telephony allows
for business networks to be created and free phone calls to be made
within that network, regardless of the callers' locations. Even if
phone calls are made outside that business network, charges are
significantly reduced, which generates more savings. Furthermore, with
hosted IP telephony, sales teams, customers and home users benefit from
enhanced connectivity.

The hosted VoIP phone systems require a minimal investment, as there is
no need to purchase an expensive PBX. As far as the security of these
systems is concerned, your firewall will not be affected, and each
phone call will reach its destination safely. In addition, there are no
maintenance costs, and the number of users connected to the network can
be altered at any time, with no additional charges.

The VoIP phone systems are already revolutionizing the way companies
and corporations conduct their businesses. The quality of VoIP calling
is the same or even superior to standard calling. What's more, allowing
a large volume of data to be sent over great distances, the VoIP phone
systems are very economical.

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