Thursday, February 28, 2008

NEXT GENERATION Energy Alternatives NOW!

Imagine our "Big Blue Marble" as a perpetual motion machines with zero need for external energy sources. No doubt you have seen those little desktop thingys, small metallic sculptures for instance of a bicycle rider or such and you touch it gently one time on one side and it moves back and forth forever? How about if we were able to do the same thing with our cars or our dwellings? It might not be such a radical idea. I reference what Congressman Ron Paul tells detractors when they call his ideas radical. GOP Presidential candidate Ron Paul affirms that restoring the gold standard, dismantling the Federal Reserve, those are honestly not the radical concepts. The radical notion is to allow politicians to perpetually to borrow money from a privately operated central bank (The Fed) on behalf of you and me and our kids and grandkids and that the Federal Reserve will continue to counterfeit money which has no actual value. As Congressman Ron Paul says, THAT is a radical idea! See? The reality that we have become accustomed to one way of doing things, which we can all concur is NOT the sanest system for doing things, does not then mean, that someone voicing a more equitable to get things done is espousing some kind of radical idea! And it is that way with electrical energy today. You don't need to do very much diggin to locate websites where you suddenly enter into a whole new realm of what some folks are actually doing with regards energy solutions. A primary focus of the attention in these circles is directed towards something I call perpetual energy. Well, that's what I decided to call it. But scientists have decided to call it parasitic energy! But that's not very kind nor accurate. A parasite is a creature that survives off of other living things while not contributing to those other entities. Well we all can think of people we know that are like that! But the best term for this energy solution would be a philosophical term, let's call it "contributism"! Something I do here in my home generates power to power Joe's Cafe down the street and what he is doing is helping to fire up my automobile engine. And so it goes, the electricity is free and we all live happily ever after. It would be like some far out Utopian idea that some kid might dream up except that it is really darn easy and not difficult to implement! The main obstacles that we need to overcome are the decadent objectives of the true parasites... the oil industry executives and automobilemanufacturing industry executives I have other articles on this subject that you can find at Water 4 Gas Blog and I plan to write more in the future. Some of this technology exists today... an MP3 player that is also a yo-yo, you chuck it 12 times and that powers it for a full hour! You know, that kind of stuff. Other examples are in some stage of development for running shoes, exercise machines, dance hall floors, backpacks (the jiggling motion creates electricity when you walk) and subway station terminal floors... all generating electrical charge from the motions that people naturally do. That adds up to a contributive perpetual machine, get it?

And some of the advancements will be up the road a bit and are even more exciting.

. It will be a whole new economic system which has been emancipated from the dependence upon fossil fuel!

As for today, about the most optimum solution out there for free and clean energy for your automobiles specifically is what you can find at my Water 4 Gas Blog

WATER4GAS is offering information at a low price which consumers can use at home to create a small gizmo which instills hydrogen into the fuel/air mixture that their car runs on. The process makes bite sized particles out of the ones that the system burns as fuel. Therefore the engine is able to use much more of it. With WATER4GAS you can minimumly expect to lower your fuel usage by 12%. But many are obtaining thirty to fifty percent improvement or significantly more. Those particles "musta" been pretty "blankin'" big in some engines before. But with WATER4GAS they are made consumable so you can lower your fuel usage. It also helps make emissions substantially cleaner. This information has been purchased by over NINE THOUSAND car owners already and the percentage of happy customers is about 99%! So that's a start!

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