Thursday, February 28, 2008

Apple iPod Classic 80GB Black - Enjoy every moment

As is evident from the name, the Apple iPod Classic is one of the most "in-demand" iPods from the company that comes with around 80 GB of storage space. This ensures that there is more than enough room in this Apple iPod to store a comprehensive collection of music and video clips. But, first something about the looks of this high-end gadget.

The Apple iPod classic sports a slick and sophisticated look that goes well with its high-end features. The design of this iPod is an all metal one and the finish is impeccable. An enigmatic black color adds to the gadget's overall visual appeal.

The interface is intuitive; and potential users can make the most of Cover flow feature to move between songs and play lists. With up to 40 hours of audio playback, the Apple iPod Classic can be your ideal partner when you are moving from one place to another or are generally feeling blue.

The Cover flow feature allows the phone user to select a music of his choice with the utmost ease. A click wheel is used to browse through the music and arrive at one that the user was contemplating on. This wheel can also be used to move between songs or increase/decrease the volume of the songs and chart busters. In addition, musically inclined people can enjoy the experience of mixing their music through a special Shuffle option that is present in the iPod for this very purpose.

Apart from music, owners of the Apple iPod Classic can enjoy their favorite videos, movies and photos with as much ease. It is possible to rent movies from the iTunes Store and enjoy them at leisure. A 2.5 inches color display makes this experience all the more entertaining. Moreover, the Apple iPod classic can also be used to view photos and video clips.

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