Thursday, October 4, 2007

Cost Effective Mobile Communication with TracFone

There are many reasons why TracFone has become so very popular among cell phone users today. This cell phone network provider, owned by America Movil, is the most popular prepaid wireless network service in the US. A prepaid network is that in which you have to charge up your cell phone by paying some amount beforehand, and then you can use your phone till the amount become zero. When that happens, you charge up again and continue using.

There are many advantages of using prepaid cellular networks like TracFone. Here we list a few of the most obvious ones:

- You save money with prepaid networks. This is because you pay up in advance and then you have to use your cell phone only as much as you have paid. With postpaid networks, users tend to get careless as they have to pay a bill at the end of the month. This difference is quite akin to having an economical debit card instead of a frivolous credit card.

- There are many less hassles in getting a TracFone prepaid card connection than in getting the postpaid cards. The documentation is pretty straightforward. You will need to submit some personal identification and some address proof. However, you will not have to give anything on your income or your credit card. Since you are paying in advance, TracFone providers do not much care about these identifying details.

- A TracFone is activated almost as soon as you charge the card at their center. Again, this is because TracFone does not need to verify details such as bank records and credit card records. Your activation is done right away.

- There is no monthly bill to put up with. Since it is a prepaid account, you have paid for your TracFone usage well in advance, and you do not have to pay bills on a monthly basis.

- Also, you are spared from all kinds of additional costs. Postpaid wireless providers will charge a fixed sum per month, which goes towards the rent of the service. Even if you haven't used the cell phone at all during the month, you have to pay this rental amount. Since this rental amount is not present with TracFone, your total expense on the phone is significantly lesser.

In this way, a prepaid TracFone subscription becomes much more economical than some of the costlier postpaid ones. However, being cheaper does not mean that you have to put up with compromises. TracFone's services are impeccable, and they are compatible with GSM, TDMA and CDMA, which are the most popular technologies available today. Also, you get a whole range of bonus features, such as hundreds of thousands of free ringtone downloads that will play for you in both polyphonic and real sound versions.


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