Thursday, January 24, 2008

Digital Cameras: Top 5 best digital cameras on the market today

Here are some of the top digital cameras I believe to be great products for any consumer.

I would have to give the number 1 spot to the Sony Cyber-shot T200. This camera has a great design, just a huge 3.5-inch touch display. Some of it’s disadvantages is the function of Smile detection is rather poor, the existence of “noise” when working with 400 ISO. It is a good camera for those who inherent sense of style, as well as for those who appreciate an exclusive opportunity of management. It looks sexy and can fit into your pocket without even knowing that it’s there.

Second is the Casio Exilim Zoom EX-Z77. It is a high speed camera, user-friendly interface of management, built-loading ability of submitting multimedia files on the Internet. Yet the quality of images can be a little weak. With a series of exclusive features, this camera looks very modern, but it loses on the part of pictures’ quality. It is on the expensive side but if you have the deep pockets this definitely is the camera for you.

Third the Olympus Mju 790 SW. Waterproof and firm casing (is able to work on the 3-meter depth, and after falling from a height of up to 1.5 feet). Minus: Doesn’t have a manual control of exposure mode. If you were built for the outdoors and don’t mind getting down and dirty then this camera could benefit you. It has a rugged look and is built to last even under tough conditions.

Fourth the Samsung NV11. Excellent quality of photographs, manual control of exposure mode. It’s Smart Touch management interface can be rather slow. The camera will provide an impressive level of quality pictures, the best represented among the models. This camera loses sexiness look but gains it in quality of picture. It can feel a little more bulky but if you’re an avid picture taker then this might be a good catch for you.

And lastly the Sony Cyber-shot T2. The original design has a built-in 4 GB of memory, optical image stabilization system. It has a Poor Face detection function, sophisticated screen management, a special USB cable is not a part of the package. I have seen a lot of people with this camera and it seems to get the job done. I like the look of it and it sleek finish can be put in a small purse or used for professional pictures. To purchase your new digital camera please click here

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