Saturday, September 21, 2013

Interesting Ideas to Create and Upload Video Content

The amount of things that we can do nowadays with a working internet connection is so far off from what you could do five or ten years ago, that most people is not even aware of it yet. With simple tools at your hand like a micro, a webcam, or some video editing software, you can create your own masterpieces.

Making songs, movies, video games or radio shows is easier than ever, even if your friends are miles away. Streaming and video collaboration tools and software are available to you, and creating interesting media is just up to your imagination. Below are a few ideas on what you can do with your webcam and talents.

Record a Music Video
Your inner musician has been nagging at your for years to pick up an instrument, and you finally did. Now that you are a master of the guitar/bass/drums/ukulele, or perhaps singing is more your thing, you can’t wait to write up a song and make a video. Only problem is, this sort of goal seems impossible if you don't have any other members in your band or access to a recording studio. While you may not have those kinds of resources, you don’t need them either.

There are already massive projects where hundreds of musicians had used video collaboration to record their individual instruments and then edited them into one single video, managing to create full orchestras without having to move from their own living rooms.

Make Your Own Animated Films and Games
If music is not your forte, perhaps your artistic side is more focused on other media, like cartoons. But making cartoons needs teamwork. Not only do you need to draw and animate it, but also set up the music and record the voice acting! You can take the animation in your own hands and download public musical content, but you can’t possibly do the voice acting all by yourself. Here is where video collaboration comes in again. Go into some forums, find a few talented voices willing to participate in your project, and all you have to do is mix their audio recordings into your movie and upload them.

You can do the same thing for a video game, if you can find yourself a good programmer; you can try your hand on it, too. Make a good demo video and see about getting some crowd sourcing for your project, and see where your brain can take you.

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