Sunday, August 26, 2007

Get a Satellite TV system including Receivers For up to Four TVs Free from Dish Network

If you are under the impression that you have to buy anything in the way of a satellite system, its components, or any type of hardware to begin receiving satellite TV programming, than you haven't taken a good look at the swinging deal that the good folks at Dish Network have waiting for you. Its not even a special promotional offer, because they have it there all the time for each and every one of their new viewing family members that want to step up to satellite TV programming.

After you make your selection from their Americas Top series of stellar programming packages, then the work is done for you and they take over from there. To start with they deliver to your home or business a free top of the line Dish Network satellite TV system and install it free of charge. They only use their own in house team of installation experts, so the work is always done to perfection. They are experts at locating the absolute best place to install your dish, so you are guaranteed to always have flawless reception and of course their work is always guaranteed.

You get free installation in up to four rooms and this also includes enough top of the line Dish Network VIP receivers to connect up to four TV sets if you need them and these are also free of charge. You get your choice from the several models of attractive and durably built receivers that they carry and they all come with excellent features such as custom menu, caller ID, parental control, and programming search function just to name a few. Their VIP receivers with digital video recording capabilities come with one-hundred hours of recording memory in them and that's over four solid days of recording time.

Their VIP high definition receivers have even more memory in them and you can record over five solid days of fantastic Dish Network programming on them. Dish Network even throws in free Sirius satellite radio programming for you home and car or truck now, so don't bother subscribing to it because they have you covered there also. These VIP receivers are child's play to operate and all of their features and functions are user friendly and operate with the simple touch of a button.

The programming search function and the DVR are a marriage made in heaven and with them you can't help but get started compiling your own personal film and programming archive. To find any program or movie you just enter it into the function by its name or even the name of an actor you are looking for and give the button on the TV remote a click and it instantly appears on your screen with the date and time it is playing. Simply give the DVR button a click and its set to record when it comes on and it's as simple as that.

With the VIP622 receiver you can even record two movies or programs at the same time while you are watching something on a third channel. Programming it to record a series of programs is just as easy, so you don't have to worry about missing a single movie, program or game with this state of the art unit. You can find out more details about all of DirecTV's VIP receivers and affordable programming packages by contacting them online.

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