Wednesday, August 8, 2007

VoIP Calling Cards for Low Cost International Calls

VoIP technology converts analog signals which exist in the form of our voice into small digital IP packets, compress it and send it over the bandwidth through the Internet. It reaches the receiver in the form of decompressed analog signals.

It not only provides a cost-effective solution to their communication needs, but, with constant improvement, has managed to achieve the same quality as is provided by public switch telephony network and PBX. Business houses and residential homes both have started utilizing voice over IP technology for their communication needs. Voice over Internet protocol is also available in the form of calling cards. By using the Internet to route your calls, long-distance charges imposed upon by the telecommunication companies are eliminated. Furthermore, many of the governmental taxes and fees associated with using the highly regulated telephone networks are also avoided. This results in extremely cheap, long distance calling to conventional telephones around the world.

Many long-distance callers around the world pay high rates for long-distance calls, VoIP calling cards offer these callers lower cost international calling.

You must be wondering "how do you actually make phone calls from your PC?" It may seem a very difficult task at first but you can actually make low cost international calls from your PC to any phone in this world. All you need is a computer connected to the internet, a headset, and VoIP calling cards, to make phone calls from your PC to anyone in the world!

There are some VoIP calling card providers that offer highly customised and scalable software capable of Voice over IP Internet calls (VoIP calling) from a personal computer to PSTN Network, allowing calls to anywhere in the world at highly competitive rates.

But how can you buy VoIP calling cards. This is where Fone2Talk can help you; Fone2Talk is the leading online provider of VoIP calling cards and international phone calling cards used for making low cost international calls.


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