Monday, September 3, 2007

Is Plasma TV Better Than LCD TV

Before making any final HDTV buying decisions, it is essential that you understand the difference between plasma and LCD displays.

Outwardly, both LCD and Plasma are flat and thin although they use different technologies to deliver the same results.

The market share once dominated by plasma televisions is gradually being eroded by the introduction of more larger display LCD televisions from various manufacturers.

Plasma television display sizes, up until recently, have always been way ahead of LCD due to the different technologies involved. For some time, the maximum LCD display size was limited to 32 inches or less while plasma was the obvious choice for anything bigger.

However, things have changed with affordable LCD televisions up to 37 inches coming onto the market. Already available are LCD televisions in the 40 to 50 inch size range, which will gradually become more affordable to the average consumer.

With two different technologies being pitched to the average customer, the choice between LCD and plasma is likely to be a little confusing to some.

We will be walking into our local electronics stores in search of a new 42 inch-plus TV, and rather than just having to choose between brands of plasma televisions, we'll be choosing between different brands and two differing technologies.

To add to the confusion, hardware manufacturers such as Panasonic have taken it on themselves to decide which is the best technology, by not producing LCD televisions above a 32-inch display size.

Another example comes with the electronics giant, Pioneer, who have so much faith in plasma display technology, that they have so far refused to make LCD televisions in any size.

The perception amongst consumers so far, seems to have become that LCD is the technology of tomorrow, and plasma is the technology of the past.

My point is that just because plasma does not seem to be 'trendy' or the 'in thing', don't simply ignore it. While it is true that high definition on an LCD display is exceptionally bright and sharp, plasma can still out perform the new kid on the block in less showy, but equally important areas.

At the end of the day, just because everybody else is buying LCD, don't just follow the crowd for the sake of it, and give both plasma and LCD a fair chance when it comes to buying your new high definition TV.

As time goes on, the rivalry between plasma and LCD is only going to increase as larger displays come onto the market.

Ultimately, it is you, as the consumer that needs to take onboard the different sizes and prices you are willing to pay and base your buying decision on what features you really need.

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