Sunday, September 16, 2007

Video Security Surveillance Cameras - How Can They Protect Your Assets?

A video security camera is most of the time used in a CCTV circuit. The closed circuit system makes extensive use of video cameras to provide up to date and detailed shots of almost every angle under security. The video security camera is thus linked to others in a circuit, its feeds coming across a monitor from where the person keeping an eye on the security can view all the different images.

This type of system often makes use of a quad, a device whereby the screen of a monitor is split in four to allow for four different recording camera images. Video security camera also comes as wireless or wired. The wireless video security camera transmits images through a built-in transmitter, and the receiving device picks up the signal to record or play the feed. Standard wireless cameras can transmit to up to a thousand feet, while more powerful cameras can even cross the two thousand feet line. When the camera is wired, it can be connected to a recording device and its images transferred this way, to be stored on disk or on tape.

For this purpose, the DVR- digital video recorder- is slowly but surely shoving the analog video recorder box out of the picture. DVR allow for the recording of high resolution digital images to a hard disk drive. This eliminates the need for VHS tapes, while also eliminating the damage factor of the tape. Digital images can be stored indefinitely with no change in the quality, and DVR recording capacity can be increased using a bigger hard disk. DVR also allows for easier search parameters, and has the convenience that it can be accessed anywhere around the globe using the Internet.

Video security cameras can come equipped with IR illuminators and motion sensors for added accuracy, as well asnight vision properties that provide a reconstructed live image even in pitch black night.

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