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The Cisco 642-052 Demo

Routing and Switching SE/FE, also known as 642-052 exam, is a Cisco certification.

The Cisco 642-052 Demo

3.Which protocol does TACACS+ use to communicate between a TACACS+ server and a TACACS+ client?

Correct Answers: B

4.Which command will change the specified Frame Relay encapsulation for a specific PVC on an interface?

A: no frame-relay encapsulation ietf
B: no frame-relay encapsulation cisco
C: encapsulation frame-relay ietf
D: frame-relay map ip 100 broadcast ietf
Correct Answers: D

5.How many network module slots does the Cisco 3745 have?

A: 1
B: 2
C: 3
D: 4
Correct Answers: D

6.You need a router that can provide WAN broadband Ethernet connectivity at 10baseT and a LAN connection at 10/100 including 802.1q trunking. It must provide an ADSL connection for backup should the Ethernet WAN interface fail.Which Cisco router is the lowest cost solution?

A: Cisco 1721
B: Cisco 1760
C: Cisco 2611XM
D: Cisco 2621XM
Correct Answers: A

7.Which router command is used to reverse telnet to a modem locally connected to line 8?

A: telnet 1008
B: telnet 2008
C: telnet 8
D: telnet 8
Correct Answers: B

8.The Cisco 800 series router is positioned for _____. (Choose three.)

A:6 to 19 users
B:users who want a combined router/hub solution
C:users who may need analog ports for phone or fax
D:users who need IP telephony services such as SRST
Correct Answers: A, B, C

9.Which router command will display the number of BECN and FECN packet statistics for an interface?

A: show interfaces
B: show frame-relay pvc
C: show frame-relay map
D: show frame-relay lmi
Correct Answers: B

10.Which statements are true about the data-link connection identifier (DLCI)? (Choose two.)

A:DLCI numbers need to be identical on all DTE devices.
B:DLCI numbers have local significance.
C:DLCI is assigned by Network Administrator.
D:DLCI is assigned by the Frame Relay service provider.
Correct Answers: B, D

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