Thursday, March 13, 2008

PC Satellite TV - Get Free Satellite TV on Your Computer

If there is a way to watch short clips online at a website like youtube. It is not impossible that you can get free satellite TV on your computer. Is that really possible? As a matter of fact, it is possible as today there is a software called PC satellite TV, that enables its users to get access to all satellite TV channels that you usually watch on your Direct TV or DISH network, which means you can now watch TV online.

Unfortunately, it is not entirely free. To watch TV online users have to pay a fee to download and be able to access the software. But it is important to note that even though they have to pay but it is not as expensive as you think. Its loyal users often call it as free. The main reason lies in the price that users have to only pay one time for lifetime access.

You would then ask, " it is not as simple as that, right?". Yes, it is not as simple as that. You first have to have a computer (PC/Laptop) for sure, secondly you have to have a reliable internet connection, and third you have to download and install the software. Those are simple steps, there is one more step to do if you want to enjoy your favorite Sports, TV shows, or your free satellite TV on your big screen, which is you have to own a PC-TV card so that you can connect your Computer to your TV. That is easy as well, it is just that people tend to make it appear so difficult, which stops them from taking action and advantage of the technology.

The idea of free Satellite TV on your computer may be new to you. But it actually has been there for three years. The idea had been in our society for more than ten years particularly in the mind of the inventors. The company has done more than seven years of research and development before it was released in 2005.

The company has been updating and improving the software every year, as this year the PC satellite TV software has been transforming to a new kind of software that allows people to access to more than three thousands TV channels with High definition quality and a thousand five hundreds of radio stations. Users can as well record their favorite program if they want and access to the on demand feature in case they miss their favorite programs.

If it is not totally free and it is not as expensive as conventional Satellite TV subscription, how much is the price? Check out PC Satellite TV - Get Free Satellite TV on Your Computer.

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