Thursday, March 13, 2008

Your Basic Guide To GPS Car Tracking

A GPS car tracking system is essentially a means to locate where your car is. A GPS car tracking system is helpful in various ways. This article will talk about the technicalities of the tracking system, what you can gain from one and how you can add one to your own vehicle.

The basic function of passive GPS car tracking is to trace a person's whereabouts within 24 hours, 7 days, a month to a year. This type of car tracking is usually less expensive. It basically traces the way points within a car's journeys. When the day ends, these way points are stored in a computer.

Conversely, active GPS car tracking is utilized to trace further information. For example, it can trace how fast a car is going in real time. Information is relayed right to a computer or cell phone. Since this type of car tracking device can store information in real time, it usually costs more.

The benefits of owning a GPS car tracking system are numerous. First, you can get immediate assistance in case you're in trouble. All it takes is a press of a button in your car if a robbery is taking place, and information will be relayed straight to a GPS carrier through your GPS car tracking system. Someone from the carrier service or the police themselves will then assist you immediately.

If your vehicle does end up getting stolen, a GPS car tracking system can make searching more efficient. Without a tracking system, there may be chances of you not getting your car back. A car tracking system can give you the reassurance that you'll definitely be having your car restored in a shorter time.

What if you simply locked yourself out of your own vehicle? If you have a GPS car tracking system, you can simply call the service you chose and wait for your car to be unlocked. If you simply cannot find your car in a large parking lot, your service may even be able to locate it and have it signal you.

If you happen to be lost in your excursion you can rely on a GPS car tracking system. If your car acts funny, breaks down and leaves you stuck in a deserted place, you can simply activate the tracking system. Help will then be on its way.

Moreover, a GPS car tracking system can help parents check on their kids. You can have a tracking system already attached to the car and rely on that instead of interrupting your kids' plans. A tracking system can definitely make you breath better since you can now see if your kids are driving responsibly.

To attach a GPS car tracking system, organize a screwdriver, screw bit, crimps, drill, solder gun, solder, and wire strippers. Once you've read product guidelines, put the CPU beneath the dash. Put in the CD player and attach a cable into the CPU and CD player.

Secondly, plant the GPS antenna into the dashboard corner close to the windshield. Fit the GPS antenna cable to the CPU and fit the microphone on the automobile's ceiling next to the rearview mirror. Fit the microphone to the CPU using a cable. Last of all, refer to the product procedures in programming your GPS car tracking system.

When choosing a GPS car tracking system, make sure a product fits your purpose and budget. A tracking system may or may not cost too much, but the advantages you get will be worth it all the same.

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