Sunday, April 6, 2008

Benefits and Disadvantages of Windows Vista 64-bit

In my last few articles about Microsoft Windows Vista and XP in 32-bit and 64-bit version, I analyzed what are the differences between Vista 64-bit and all other Windows operation systems in 32-bit extension. Now I like to write a complete review about Windows Vista 64-bit and its Benefits and Disadvantages.

I was writing about system administration in Windows Vista 64-bit and I thought I should write a review about Windows Vista x64. It is very important for everyone who would like to switch from Windows 32-bit to a Vista 64-bit. It is very confusing because people are talking different about their experiences with Vista and especially Windows Vista 64 bit.

Since Vista 64-bit launched in January 2007, I took advantage of Windows Vista Ultimate in 32-bit version. In November 2007 I was able to buy a new computer with the newest hardware what support 64-bit extension and after that I climbed to the Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit.

It was very interesting that I could get my Vista 64-bit Ultimate for just $15. Microsoft has published a websites for Windows Vista 64-bit. If you own a Microsoft Windows Vista 32-bit then you can order your Vista Ultimate for free. It costs only few dollars for shipping and I tell you, if you have a Vista 32-bit license then you should do that, because Microsoft won't do that for ever.

Ok I was talking about my Windows Vista 64-bit. Everything is better and faster since I am using Vista 64-bit. Before I get my own Vista 64-bit, I had heard and read that there are 64-bit operation systems and in the future we will have more and more. If you have a 64er AMD Athlon processor family then everything will goes rapidly faster with Vista 64-bit. Even with the reliability, it is much better than Vista 32-bit. Previously, my Vista 32-bit obtained only 6.58 points in the reliability monitoring. Since I use my Vista 64-bit version the reliability has increased to 9.83 and I get less error than ever before.

Also the most 32-bit software and applications run under Vista 64-bit. And right now we are going to get more and more applications in 64 bit version. Adobe is going to publish all its products in 64-bit too. It may come in this year but latest in the next year we will have all Adobe products in 64-bit. Actually all 32-bit Adobe applications like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Flash Pro, Adobe Dreamweaver and etc. are running under Vista 64-bit without any issues.

But first and foremost is to see that a 64bit operating system like Vista 64-bit is stable and works reliable because of the 64bit architecture. I still can remember I could make many problems with my Windows XP and Vista 32bit after I accidentally clicked on OK in an error or installation message. It is not anymore the same process with Windows Vista 64-bit. You could click on OK accidentally but if that running application could make problems for your Vista 64-bit, then Vista 64-bit blocks and stops it automatically without any problems and crashes.

All these security and reliability come because of the digital signature. Every single hardware and software developer and producer has to send application to get the digital certificate by Microsoft. If your application has that certificate then you can install it and if not you can forget it because Windows Vista 64-bit doesn't install applications, drivers, and software without digital signature. If you own any exotic hardware you cannot use it any more when you cannot find any 64-bit driver for your exotic hardware.

But I can tell you it is worth it. Almost 32-bit applications are running with Windows Vista 64-bit because of integrated 32-bit emulator in Vista 64bit. It maybe doesn't bring %100 performance but it will bring you more security and stability.

I have tested Service Pack 1 (SP1) for Windows Vista 64-bit. It doesn't bring more performance but Microsoft has fix many issues, bugs and problems. And it is brings more compatibility with hardware and software. If you are a Vista 64-bit user then you should install SP1 after Microsoft publishes the final release in the next few weeks.

In last 15-20 years we have had only operation systems with 32-bit extension. In these years all hardware and software developers have been concentrating on 32-bit systems. That is the reason what Vista 32-bit is more compatible with hardware and software than Vista 64-bit. Because of that reason you may believe that Windows Vista 32-bit is better than Vista 64-bit. Yes I can say you are right but Microsoft Windows Vista 64-bit and any other operation system in 64-bit version will be the future. It is better to change sooner than later.

At the end of my article I would say that you cannot make your old car faster with ultimate gas. It may be good for your engine and you will maybe drive your car few more years because the ultimate gas is more reliable but it doesn't give you any performance. If you are looking for the ultimate performance with Vista 64-bit then you should upgrade your hardware.


1-Conversion worthwhile only with real 64bit hardware. 2-Benefits of Vista 64-bit: Faster than Vista 32bit, more security, more stable, more reliability 3-Disadvantages of Vista 64-bit: Hardware and Software compatibility

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