Saturday, April 5, 2008

Replacing Your Old Cell Phone for a New One

Many people become very frustrated when it comes to replacing their cell phone with all the models on offer; they now boast an ever increasing range of functions but just where does it end? So you won't get caught in a 'decision trap', become educated before you make your next phone purchase; some interesting buying facts are supplied in this article.

Sometimes we delay charging as we are too busy and this often means the phone fails but leaving recharging like this isn't a good idea. There is nothing worse than finding out your cell phone battery is no longer holding a charge for very long as you seem to be recharging it constantly and you will probably need a new one.

Whilst there are a number of methods that can help extend the life of your cell phone battery, one really easy way is to lower the brightness of the screen back light. It doesn't normally have to be at full intensity for you to see what's on the screen. Actually talking on the phone uses the most power when it is being operated as it is being used as a transmitter so reduce the length of calls and turn it off if you find yourself in an area with poor reception as the cell phone battery will drain itself trying to find a signal. When ever you use your cell phone; talking, playing games, listening to music, taking picture with the flash or surfing the Internet, it will drain the battery faster so limit these activities otherwise you may not be able to make that urgent call you need.

You will often find that wallpapers, ring tones and images that are downloaded automatically will have a charge even though this is not mentioned at the start so be aware. Children are usually the most likely candidates to get caught out like this so if you are buying a phone for your child try to buy a model where you can disable this function with a password.

Cell phone plans are generally available where you pay only when it is used or through a contract that supplies a pre-agreed amount of minutes per month. It really does depend on the type of user you are as infrequent users benefit from the 'pay per use' plans. Weigh the prices of both types of agreements before signing on the dotted line because if you plan to use your phone regularly, then a long-term contract might be worth it. Many features are specific to certain plans so you will need to think about how you intend to use the phone to have the best features you require as part of your contract.

It is always a good idea once you are happy that your plan supplies everything you need so check the small print in case there are any further costs not immediately apparent that will be payable once you have signed on the dotted line. It is now common for people with long term contracts to have an insurance warranty included which will replace their phone if it is damaged, lost or stolen. This is more common than people think and the last thing you want is to be stuck with the bill for replacement.

When buying cell phones online, be sure the phone is up-to-date and carries all the features you want. You can then visit a local store to purchase minutes or to sign up for a contract but just be sure you buy from a company you trust.

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