Thursday, April 17, 2008

Digital Photos Stuck on your Computer?

Now that digital cameras have replaced the
film camera as the number one way that people capture their photos, you
need new and unique ways to display all your digital photos.

Does this sound like you?: Bought a digital camera, took thousands of
photos, loaded all of them onto your computer, since then nobody has
seen any of them. Well you are not alone.

There are a lot of unique products on the market today that allow you
to display your photos statically (one photo at a time). These products
range from coffee mugs, mouse pads, and calendars, to coasters,
puzzles, and playing cards. However, if you are like me and have
hundreds of digital photos you want to display, buying enough product
to display all my images would make me go broke, let alone clutter my
house. So if you want to display multiple images with a single product,
then digital picture frames, digital key chains, digital photo
ornaments, digital photo pen sets, digital photo jewelry boxes, or
digital photo snow globes are the way to go.

All of the above mentioned devices can display a single photo or a
slide show of hundreds of photos depending on the size of their
internal memory. Some on these devices can also store video and sound.
These devices are usually easy to setup. Some come with their own
software you have to load onto your computer and some are plug and
play. Just load the software, plug the display into you computer using
a USB cable, and load your images onto the device. After that, all you
will need to do is to set the slide show parameters (duration to
display each photo) and your done. Some of these devices are battery
operated, but the best ones come with both an a/c adapter and a powered
USB cable.

Now all you need to do is determine how you want to utilize these
digital photo products. You can give them as gifts, use them as
promotional products, or just use them for displaying your images at
your home or office.

Below are some very creative ways to use these digital photo devices:

1.Give them as a gift to a grandparent. Just preload them with pictures
of yourself and your children. You can update their displays every time
you visit them. What a great way to keep the grandparents updated on
your growing family!

2.Give them as an anniversary gift to your parents. Just preload the
display with family photos that span across several decades. This will
definitely be a gift they will cherish forever.

3.Use the display as a soothing night light for you baby. Most displays
can play sound along with the photos. Load the display with photos of
Mom, Dad, grandparents, other siblings and some lullabies. Your baby
will be comforted and sleep like an angel.

4.Give the displays away as promotional products. Preload the digital
photo ornament, frame, keychain, pen set, or snow globe with photos of
your company products and specials and give them away to potential
customers. Your customers will definitely remember your company after
receiving on of these unique gifts.

5.Businesses can also use any of these devices on their retail counters
or office desks to display current specials or new products. Real
Estate agents could display photos of their current listings. A retail
store could display photos of their current sale items. The
possibilities are endless.

I hope this gives you some ideas of what you can do with all those digital photos that are currently stuck on your computer.

If you can think of other unique ways to use these digital devices, feel free to add a comment to this article.

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