Thursday, April 17, 2008

GPS Tracking Using A CellPhone

The GPS-enabled cellphone market is forecast to more than double by 2012, hitting 550 million units. Put it all

together and GPS chipset revenue is expected to more than double to $1.3 billion in just three years time,

according to In-Stat. The GPS-based NextGen system, slated for completion by 2025, will straighten routes (blue)

and allow more planes to safely share the skies. Currently, Air Traffic Control Towers (ATCT) guide planes through

takeoff, then hand them over to a Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facility that keeps approach and

departure corridors orderly over the next 50 miles. The GPS system has been designed to be as nearly accurate as

possible. However, there are still errors.

Cell phone GPS tracking can also be a useful feature to the emergency services or police when responding to a 911

call from a GPS cell phone. For this reason, the FCC has legislated that wireless networks provide location

information for 911 calls made from cell phones. Cell phone GPS tracking systems is touted as one of the most

advanced technological milestones in the history of mobile communication systems. Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

enables the users to trail his own location through the analysis of satellite signals beamed down from many

satellites. Cell phone GPS website Mandated in the aftermath of September 11th, the Federal Communication

Commission (FCC) required cell service providers to make GPS tracking of cell phone calls possible. All phones made

since 2005 are GPS-trackable.

Cell phone GPS tracking is one of those advances. Cell Phone GPS tracking can prove useful in many walks of life

and especially when any emergency arises. Picture the scene of a road accident where injuries have occurred.
Update: Nokia intend the N95 to be a powerful one for all replacement for a media player, digital camera, digital

camera, PDA and now a GPS navigation device. It features a 2-way slide concept to simplify switching between

different functionalities. Nokia, Motorola and Beneflon are just a few of the companies now providing GPS-enabled

phones. This will change as the other manufacturers catch up, then we will see this technology being installed as a

default inclusion.

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