Thursday, April 10, 2008

QC Software WCS New Version Includes Barcode Routing

Rich Hite, President of QC Software, ( suggests, "QC Enterprise Warehouse Control System new version, 5.1, provides Barcode Routing which allows distributors to define a fixed routing path for non-variable barcode IDs (SKU ID, fixed tote ID, etc.). Typical uses for this feature include easily defining the routing of full case product to a replenishment drop point based on SKU ID. Another use would be to assign a specific tote ID for two destinations; one a specific pick zone and the other the quality control area. Overage or incorrect product that is collected as part of an auditing process at the QC stations would be placed into totes by pick zone. When the tote is full it is placed on the conveyor and routed to the designated pick zone. After the product is returned to stock, the empty tote is placed back on the conveyor to return back to QC."

The most important aspects of WCS for major distributors include dependability, modular functionality, configurable flexibility, and reliability. WCS is more dependable uses standardized modules that are field proven, versus customized software. Many of the WCS modules have been running for over more than six years.

Hite goes on to say, "WCS modular functionality is important because additional functionality can be added as required. The system can grow as the customers need to grow. You don't lose your initial investment when new functionality is needed."

If a large company wants to know the cost to install at multiple sites as well as the stability, financial status and size of the WCS company, it is quickly addressed by establishing referrals and a strong industry reputation. Depending on the organization's objectives, source code availability may also be a concern. The cost of doing nothing may be most expensive.

WCS reliability is not a 'buzz word', it provides a specific benefit according to Hite, "When a WCS goes down, the lost man hours, late shipments and cost to the warehouse, can be tremendous - add diminished customer satisfaction, and it can literally cost the client significantly more money. The WCS market has grown because it has taken on the traditional 'transactional' processes that the warehouse management system (WMS) historically provided, such as order fulfillment, shipping and localized inventory control.

Other new features of Version 5.1 of QC Software's Warehouse Control System include:

* Notification Manager

* Scanner Log

* Event Manager

* Weight Verification

* Java 1.6

* Enhanced GUI

* FLEX Screens and FLEX Reports

* No Read Detection

* Security Updates

QC Software is the leading provider of Tier 1 warehouse control systems to the warehousing and distribution industries. Since 1996, QC Software, utilizing state of the art technology combined with extensive research, development, and rigorous testing, has developed the QC Enterprise suite of products. Designed to be modular in nature, easily configurable, and platform independent, this highly scalable solution satisfies the needs of any size warehouse.

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