Friday, April 4, 2008

Full Hdtv For Amazing Viewing Experience

Since the invention of the entertainment industry`s most famous and popular tool by J.L. Baird, television has revolutionized our life. It has become a major source of entertainment as well as information. The world is brought to us on a platter and straight inside our drawing room by this magic box. But that doesn`t mean that TV is the same as it was before. It has gone its own revolutionary changes too.

What was then a crude box of wires and valves and brushes, is a magical tool that provides crystal clear pictures and surround, natural sound from a size of not more than your two skateboards put together! Today`s television quality has been defined by the introduction of High-Definition TV (HDTV).

It is a digital broadcasting system that allows more video compression, less bandwidth and most importantly clears and superior quality pictures or video. HDTV provides an image resolution of around 720 lines of progressive scanning range (720p) to 1080 lines of interlaced scanning (1080i). The quality and superiority of HDTV is unmatched as per now. The image resolution is much higher as compared to conventional TV sets. But television`s superiority hasn`t stopped at HDTV itself. A new introduction has been made to the superior range of televisions today.

Full HDTV, or ultra-HD, true HDTV or 1080p has excelled over the quality of HDTV sets. The image resolution, picture quality and sharpness are all much higher than HDTV sets. Full HDTV sets provide an image resolution of around 1920 by 1080 pixels.

Full HDTV uses the progressive scanning technique to produce an image, while other HDTV sets use the interlaced scanning technique. The former is superior as the jitter factor is ruled out considerably than in the latter. The former is better for video displays or moving objects that move diagonally or vertically from one part of the screen to another. The progressive scanning used in it is also important as per the following factor. The fact that a clean, sharp and distinct superior quality video is only possible in LCD sets, Plasma sets and also with micro displays is only provided by progressive scanning is a boost for Full HDTV sets.

The picture quality in full HDTV sets is far higher than conventional and other HDTV sets. This is because in large screen TV sets, the pixels are less in number and hence are magnified to occupy maximum screen space. This gives a deteriorated picture quality. But due to the high quantity of pixels in the Full HDTV sets, picture quality automatically gets smoother and better. Vastly detailed pictures and video can be viewed and provides an optimum quality of TV viewing experience.

Nowadays, in the age of the Home Theater, DVDs and VCDs, films are often watched sitting in the comfort of home. Full HDTV sets provide you with the best option available, as huge screens (conventional or flat) only provide you with optimized video content only with the full HDTV system. Not only is the film-experience aggravated, but also lends it an authentic touch as of excellent picture quality as in cinema halls and theaters.

Full HDTV has been so successful only because of the high-definition digital broadcast of programs. But the same can be said the other way round. Probably, in the coming generation, television will attain even more advanced forms. But it is correct to state that only with the initiation of the full HDTV sets, was the sweeping modernization of sleek television truly born. As the new age television takes its place in drawing-rooms all across the world, full HDTV acts as much more than a mere complement to it.

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