Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Next incoming iPhone 3G features

What will the new iPhone 3G bring new comparing to the actual iPhone ? in a previous post about the upcoming iPhone 3G
i say that it will come in 60 days but this is just a rumor and several
web site speak about that. However, not until Steve Jobs pulls out the
next-gen iPhone from his pocket at his keynote at Apple's June World
Wide Developers Conference will we really know what's new for the
Apple's next iPhone.

Talking about new features here is what is expected so far:

3G iPhone: it will be equipped with the "SGOLD3″ chipset made by
Infineon that supports 3.5G - doubling current iPhone mobile data rates
of to 7.2MBps. reference to that was found in the apple software
version 2.0.

Capacity & Price: 32GB 599$ , 16GB 499$, and perhaps 8GB 399$.

Dimension: the new 3G iPhone will be slimmed down 2.5 millimeters .

Camera: the iPhone 3G will have a 5 megapixel camera.

Push Email: the next generation iPhone will support Microsoft's
business e-mail server software Microsoft Exchange and a "push" email
functionality similar to BlackBerry.

Software: contact search, meeting invitations, and an advanced calculator.

Nike iPhone : Stuff.tv is kicking back in Nike's HQ at the moment and
claims to have official word about Nike's future plans with Apple. They
say that the Nike+ system will "definitely" extend beyond the iPod nano
to support the relatively bulky iPhone and iPod touch.

GPS iPhone: According to iPhone Hellas: "secret" documents reveal the
next iPhone will have built in support for Bluetooth headsets and
possibly even GPS navigation.

Some of this are just rumor and other are confirmed so keep an eye on my iPhone 3G articles series, i'll keep you informed.

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