Wednesday, April 9, 2008

How VoIP is Revolutionising Business Communication

The Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services in use today leave the old generic telephone standing in the race for supremacy. The year is 2008 and counting. The first communication device was invented way back in 1857. 151 years later, the world has advanced to an enormous technological lever of greatness, yet some still struggle with the costly and high maintenance associated with the generic telephone.

A household can be seen as a little different to offices in terms of demand, as a family use one telephone line and that line is only used a few times per day. Offices are not so lucky. This is especially taxing on businesses, large or small when functionality, performance, cost and reliability are concerned. An office with say ten telephone lines which are in use 90% of office hours can build up a very high cost bill for the company paying for the costs. And the maintenance and damaging of cables affects reliability and functionality. So now that the world is living in the 21st Century and everything is progressing at break neck speed, what can a business and VoIP do to avoid the inevitable bankruptcy at the hands of their phone bill?

There is a solution available and it is not going to break a companies̢۪ budget. Great technology usually comes with a hefty price but telecommunications providers have answers for businesses in the form of voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP). This is simply the transferring of telephony signals as digital audio, using data compression to transmit the digital audio in a data packet over Internet Protocol. Put simply, VoIP converts a voice into a medium which is transferable over an internet line.

VoIP has many features which benefit businesses and homes alike but with the large amount of telephone lines, extensions and connections to cope with, businesses have been benefitting greatly. Instead of the usual switchboard and hundreds of lines, VoIP services help to reduce these problems as VoIP is able to transmit more than one call over the same connection and phone line. The single line of a VoIP system also enables offices to add or subtract lines at will and with such ease that no technicians need to be brought in to solve the problem. However, should a subscriber need any maintenance, the costs concerning VoIP are free.

Another reason VoIP telephony has extremely low costs is because VoIP to VoIP phone calls are free. So calls to other office parties, departments and individuals are at no cost. There are handsets available which are portable, enabling businesses to make free calls to employees who are away from the office or vice versa and calls from a VoIP phone to a normal phone has reduced rates. So the VoIP service literally follows you wherever you go.

VoIP phones and services allow you to make adjustments and configure them in real time using the internet. Extensions are controllable and detailed online billing and report costs are available for subscribers. Plus updates of software and technology are available without having to pay a large sum of money. Inclarity also has a 24 hours a day, 365 days a year technical and customer support service which comes at no cost.

So instead of dealing with annoying phone lines, a clogged switchboard, soaring bills and maintenance fees, businesses using VoIP have been enjoying the low-costs of a communication which is portable, scalable, updateable and easy to use, requiring only one telephone line. The benefits of using a VoIP system in your business or home are so many that the Internet Protocol will revolutionise your home and business.

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