Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Emote Games Partner With Avalanche Studios To Develop A Social Hunting Game

Emote Games social gaming platform and Avalanche Studios award winning landscape engine join forces to create a unique cross format socially enabled game

London, UK, 8 April 2008, Emote Games a UK based Production Company has partnered with leading development studio Avalanche to create a social game built on Emotes cutting edge social gaming platform PARTICIPATE.

The Partnership which boasts the use of the Avalanche 2.0 engine: an unparalleled real life landscape technology will provide the backdrop for Emotes initial social gaming title.

The forthcoming game will be the first to be launched on Emotes PARTICIPATE platform. Developed internally, PARTICIPATE promises to introduce a new style of socially enabled game, delivering high production value and game play that is both fully immersive as well as character and community based . All games built on the PARTICIPATE platform benefit from an exclusive suite of social features designed to integrate game and community, and to broaden and enhance a game experience creating what Emote term as ‘participative gaming’

The partnership between Emote Games and Avalanche has been formed as a joint venture creating a direct link between the Developer and Production, in doing so Emote games aims to ensure the highest product quality is driven at all times and the distribution of revenues and profits are more transparent than compared with traditional Publisher/Developer models.

“Were very excited about this partnership with Emote Games.” said Christofer Sundberg, Avalanche Founder & Creative Director . “The PARTICIPATE platform opens the door to a new level of gaming which offers a deeper and more enhanced game experience. The Avalanche technology complements this new genre of gaming by combining the social gaming attributes of PARTICIPATE with our real world landscape architecture to create an amazing life like social gaming experience”.

Emote expects to launch its first social gaming title in Q3 with further games both branded and propriety expected towards the end of 2008.

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