Saturday, April 12, 2008

Installing CCTV Cameras in Car Dealerships

The increase in number of organized auto thefts has been a cause of
concern for dealerships. To prevent such incidents, they have started
investing in surveillance equipment increasingly so that they don't end
up on the receiving end. A theft in a car dealership results in major
losses in the income of the owner, because most often it's more than
one vehicle that is stolen from a dealership. It's not only the cars
but the spare parts and accessories are targeted too. There are many
organized groups involved in auto thefts, and these cars are later used
for narcotics trade, robberies, and burglaries. CCTV cameras have
become instrumental in reducing auto theft crimes.

Reasons for getting CCTV installed in your dealership

The primary function of CCTV camera is surveillance of the dealership
to prevent theft, and to deter opportunist robbers. It is always
beneficial to have CCTV cameras installed in such a way that people
know that they are under the electronic eye. In case of a theft, the
investigators will be able to help you in a better way if the identity
of the criminals is known to them.

When we talk about theft, we can not rule out the possibility of
internal theft. Besides, when the employees know that they are being
constantly monitored they will perform better. They will also feel that
they are working in a safe environment and will be less bothered about
heist or armed robberies. The CCTV cameras will help the security staff
you have employed in keeping a check on the activities going on your
dealership in a more efficient manner.

Buy good quality CCTV cameras and install them at right spots

There are numerous online stores selling surveillance products, choose
the one that gives you the best quality at affordable price. Some
stores do more than just selling you the product; they guide you as per
your security needs, give you products that are covered under a
warranty and also give you a free tech support. is one such complete surveillance equipment store.

Cameras installation is another important aspect to be kept in mind for
maximum security in and outside your car dealership premises. Placement
of cameras at the right spots is needed for maximum coverage. Remember
to use weather proof and vandal proof cameras for outside areas like
parking of your dealership. Some customer friendly online stores will
take into account your requirements and suggest the best CCTV camera
models and where they should be placed, so that your dealership is
secure 24X7. To know more about a wide range of surveillance equipment,
and to avail special surveillance packages, please visit

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